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Large Clear Organizer Pouch

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    Large Clear Organizer Pouch

    This is the most versatile letter size documents holders I have ever used!

    As the owner of Brain Bags, Large Cafe Bags and Swifts, I appreciate been able to transport documents without worrying about them being damaged.

    I admit that I used stiff poly document holders in letters sizes which fit perfectly in the 3 bags mentioned above but are far from stylish.

    Because the Large Pouch come in a variety of colors, I can color code my paperwork, just like I did with the poly document holders, but the Large Pouch has a bigger capacity (I can fit 2 letter size 50 sheets notepads, a couple of page brochure, a letter size folder with a couple of sheets of paper)

    I believe I could fit 6 of these in one compartment of a Brain Bag, handy for class or similar endeavors; 2 in a Large Cafe Bag if it is used as a main purse, and 4 if I use a Small Cafe Bag as a purse and the Large Cafe Bag as a document holder/bookbag; I can also fit 2 in a Swift with a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag in Steel as a zippered compartment and I believe I could fit 4 of them if the main compartment was empty.

    Because the Swift has sloped side and the Large Organizer Pouch has square sides, Tom Bihn and the crew has pointed out that the Large Organizer Pouch sticks out of the Swift sides.
    For me that is not a big deal, I made sure to get Pouches that match my bag colors.

    If you want to get a Large Pouch that matches your bag(s), check the color availability and grab the colors you want right away.

    Since Pouches are made from the leftover fabric used for each batch of bags, I suggest ordering the Pouches at the same time as your bag(s).

    Links to the bags and accessories mentioned above:

    Clear Organizer Pouches

    Brain Bag

    Large Cafe Bag


    It is sort of a packing list but since it is an accessory things gets placed into it and it gets packing into other bags so I placed the above Megillah into that subforum.