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Revisiting the Diaper Bag Insert

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    Revisiting the Diaper Bag Insert

    Hi and Happy 4th! I did some homework and came upon this old thread:

    I know that a diaper bag insert is in the works for the Lux, but please correct me if I'm wrong - will in only be suitable for the Lux? If so, it may have limited appeal for moms like me who have 2 in dipes. It appears that the Lux is more of a tote-style, where top access may be limited and the depth of the bag may mean items sink to the bottom or are lost...

    Would you all consider another version for messenger bags? Tom got it right in regards to an insulated bottle holder (maybe one which velcroed off), but a section for wipes, hand-sanitizer, diapers, and thin changing pad and another section for food products would be ideal. Perhaps there could be "modules" involved, where the base insert can be re-configured to meet individual needs.

    The open top of the messenger, "stuffability" factor, and the fact that it stands up on it's own has a great appeal to most parents. I know much has been made about baby backpacks, shoulder bags, etc., but remember that there is a contingent (like us!) who wants to use our current messengers and not spend money on bags we may not use after the kids are out of diapers. And I would easily spend between $50-$80 for this - considering I still get to use bags I own and the additional flexibility of inserting the diaper bag insert into my other bags.

    For the record, I'm part of numerous parenting boards and there are people who spend upwards of $100 on diaper bags. And not just one! Almost all of the folks on these boards own at least one messenger bag (mainly for travel) - durable, functional, dads can carry them. But they just aren't organized enough

    Anyway, any input would be appreciated. I could even help "advertise" it for free on a few boards !

    It all depends on how the LUX with the diaper insert does - if it's a hit, I'm sure we would do another diaper bag. I hope it is a hit so we can make a bag like you're suggesting - it sounds like you definitely know what needs to be in a diaper bag.
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      diaper bag release?

      Is there any more info on the release of the diaper bag Lux? I am patiently waiting...



        The Lux looks pretty sweet, but is there an ETA on the diaper bag insert? If it's still in development, I just wanted to know if it would be able to accomodate some or all of the following:
        -thin, plastic disposable wipes case
        -size 4 or 5 diapers (these are the largest sizes in the lot)
        -changing pad of some sort (at least space for a few disposable ones)
        -spot for hand sanitizer
        -clips or pockets for small toys, thin books, etc. (diversions)
        -maybe an insulated bottle holder of some kind?

        I'm excited to see that it will zip into the Lux, and thus stay secure, but how about accomodating your other bags? Will you have "receiving" sides of the zippered compartment in your other bags? I know my DH would be excited to put it into a (yet to be purchased) bag of his...

        Also, to re-iterate, I hope you will consider making a "horizontal" version of the diaper bag insert (Oooo...maybe with an attachment so that we can secure it into other bags!) for messenger style afficianados...

        Let us know when the insert will be arriving please !