I am in Love Again.

After the whole forum burst out laughing, (wondering if yours truly is not too muuuch into bag) Thanks I appreciate that

Let me explain that the minute the wave Imago came, I wanted one badly, when it came in all the blue colors, I almost fainted... well I wanted to grab it from the screen.

After much much much much deliberations, it didn't make it in my Small Cafe Bag and Pouches Order.

Most of the time, when I spend a good amount of time out, I use the Large Cafe Bag and a Swift.

If I need to carry anything weighty for some distance, I need to switch to the Brain Bag otherwise I get sore.

All that means that I would not be able to carry a very full Imago due to its East West direction.
Which bugs me to no end, I was just wondering if an Imago could fit inside a Swift as a center flap pocket. With the Swift buttons closed on top of the Imago, both might be carried with the Imago strap?