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Cleaning concerns

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    Cleaning concerns

    I have two interrelated problems: the first is an inordinate amount of affection for my wasabi Smart Alec, the second is some weird black stains on the aforementioned. It's been through African customs a few times at this point and while I don't have the stomach to hazard a guess at what the stains are from, I wanted to get some suggestions on how I might clean them without damaging the material (which may be a stupid question as it's basically proven completely indestructible so far). Anyone cleaned anything weird off of these things?

    What we recommend for pretty much every bag is a mild soap, like dish soap, and a hand washing. You may want to soak the bag briefly - and then air dry it.

    There are, of course, various stain removal products but I'd be really, really careful with them and test a tiny spot before you use it on the whole bag, especially with a lighter color of fabric like the Kiwi. A lot of those stain removal products are pretty toxic.

    Does anyone know of any non-toxic, environmentally friendly stain removal products that they've tried that work? It would be great if we could find one we could test on the different fabrics and be able to recommend to customers.
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