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Aeronaut main compartment zipper

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    Aeronaut main compartment zipper

    Love the Aeronaut. It is perfect for me. The only thing I would like to change is the orientation of the main compartment zipper. When I carry the Aeronaut with a shoulder strap, I can not quickly access the main compartment because the zippers are oriented downward. It be nice if I can quickly open the main zippers to get to things inside when carrying it.

    That is an interesting idea, oaksinger. It spurred the thought in me of having an additional zipper on the current configuration of the Aeronaut that allows easy access from the outside into the main flap's pouch compartment.

    But make no mistake, I am very happy with my Aeronaut.
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      The orientation of the zipper of the Aeronaut was chosen because that's the orientation that assists the natural setting of the bag on a bed or other surface to pack or unpack it - so that when the main compartment was unzipped, the flap unfolded towards you to allow easy access to the interior flap mesh pocket. We felt that was more important than having the zipper accessible as in the orientation you are suggesting. Also, depending on how you pack, it might not be a good idea to unzip that compartment when you're carrying it around anyway as stuff might fall out. So - that's why the Aeronaut is the way it is.
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        I'm thinking of having the ability to pull things like my laptop out from the main compartment while carrying it. It doesn't seem to me like reversing the zippers would affect packing that much really.


          If one wants travel bags from which the content can be retrieved quickly from above, the Western Flyer and the Tristar are "the bags" for that.
          They combine big pocket compartments and upward openings. They were designed as smaller carry-ons that can double as briefcases, ideal for the business person plane commuting daily or spending a couple of days on a business trip.

          The Aeronaut is a maximum capacity carry-on, its big compartment and smaller size side pockets; which width can be incorporated into the main compartment for more longitudinal space; are ideal for cramming as much things as possible into one bag of manageable size.

          I believe that most Aeronaut owners use a personal item which enables them to retrieve their laptops, netbooks, e-readers and other necessities quickly.

          In a pinch the Aeronaut can be gate checked. One never knows when a plane is going to suffer a case of rollaboard overcrowded overhead compartments or a untimely change of aircraft size, think Airbus to CRJ.
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            I usually carry my computer in a sleeve inside the Aeronaut. It is sometimes a bit of a struggle to get it out for security. But on the other hand, the way it opens now is perfect for the the way the bag carries. You can often leave the flap unzipped, and still nothing falls out, a sure sign of good design.

            So tom, can you find a way to make computer access easier, without ruining the 'drape' of the bag?


            (PS: I'm writing this from an airport, with my aeronaut at my feet......)