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    Super Ego Suggestion

    Having lived with my Super Ego for a few months, I have a better handle on what I like and I don't like about it. I like almost everything. But there's one feature that I really miss from my ID Bag: A horizontally-zipping pocket. I don't find the two vertically-zippered pockets all that convenient, except as a place to stash my checkbook. I don't feel comfortable putting small, valuable items in them because they seem insecure when open. And because they're tight and narrow, it difficult to "rummage" through with my fingers, looking for something.

    I miss the square zippered pocket on the ID Bag. I could toss change in there; rolls of film; seashells; other crap. I appreciate the ability to "rummage" a little in it, without losing the security of a zipper.

    Anyway, just thought I'd pass that on.


    I now have empirical evidence of one problem with the vertical zippers. A few minutes ago, I got a phone call from someone who found my checkbook on the street. It turns out that I had forgotten to zip the pocket in which I stashed it earlier today. It slipped out while I was walking home; I hadn't even noticed.

    Luckily, a kind person found it.

    Of course, it was my mistake not to zip the pocket. But people do make mistakes, and the vertical zippers don't provide much insurance against them.