On the thread below Ex Machina outlined his use of multi bags to manage is everyday carry and his classes.


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I always have a Medium Cafe Bag with me. So, I just switch between them now and again and audit contents when I do. Usually, it all just goes from one to the other. Now, that said, I do have several other bags I will carry in addition to the Medium Cafe Bag. I have an Imago, a Large Cafe Bag, and an eBags Professional Deluxe Carry-On Tote - enhanced with a Freudian Slip and a couple of the Large Pouches from TB - which I have set-up for my classes. Each bag is dedicated to a particular class/day schedule.

The eBags has all my Bio stuff for 2 days a week trekking. The Large Cafe has all my Psy stuff for a long class each weekend, and my Imago holds my Math and Computer class stuff for another twice a week slot. It works for me. Whether studying or heading to class, I just grab the relevant bag and boom, I am in business. When the semester ends I will de-task all the bags and they will be available again as needed for new tasks.

I like having the choices. Usually I can get away with my Medium Cafe Bag, and if I am expecting a need, I toss a shop-bag into it. I have in the MCB my TB pencil pouch too, which covers several of items that are shared between all my classes. That will take a hiatus in the Summer from my bag. The rest stays, such as my flash drive, and my voice recorder. Well, the voice recorder may go on hiatus too, but I am thinking about using it to take memos to myself.

I use a multi-bag approach. Does anyone else?
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