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He who hesitates is lost...

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    He who hesitates is lost...

    The Synapse is available for backorder and ships by late July.
    Had planned to finally place my order this weekend. D'oh!

    Originally posted by gonty View Post
    Had planned to finally place my order this weekend. D'oh!
    There is a saying on this forum that bears repeating.

    "If you love a bag in a particular color and you have the budget, grab it as fast as you can"

    The best way to go about Tom Bihn orders is to make use of the Wish List on the website.

    List every bag or accessory in all the colors which are attractive to you.

    The minute you have the budget transfer as many items as you can afford from the Wish List to the Order List.

    You can go back and forth, many times, add color preferences in the comment order box, post last minute questions on the forum and if necessary contact Tom Bihn customer service for reassurance that you have all your ducks in a row.

    Then click that Order button.

    In order not to miss the current batch of the bag(s) or accessories you are after, always check the Tom Bihn blog.

    Tom Bihn blog list articles and blogs that have mentioned a particular bag within the last 48 to 24 hours.

    Each new article and blog generate interest for the product from another nice of the market and most likely, new orders.

    The last 2 blog posts were about the Synapse and the Ristretto for iPad.

    One of the post was about a huge market segment, Mac users.

    Tom Bihn factory is small and they can only make one or two kind of bags at the time, I suppose.

    The bags that are on back order the most are produced first, most probably.

    Right now, just before the big summer holiday season, I can bet that Aeronaute, Tristar and Western Flyer bags and the various personal item sized bags such as the Cafe Bags, Imago and Co-Pilot are in high demand.

    Then the Ristrettos for iPad (those 1 million gizmos need to be housed somewhere) and netbooks which need to come along on vacations via cramped planes and checked luggage fees.

    The minute people realize how great the Padded Pouch are to house fragile electronics while on the go, they will put them on back order.


      Great advice, backpack!
      Bags: Latest: Pop Tote and Shop Bag (large) ; also have a Co-Pilot, Super Ego (w/cork seatbelt); Aeronaut; Medium Cafe Bag; Large Cafe Bag; Brain Cell; Shop Bag small, (Steel); Packing Cube Shoulder Bag. Accessories: Oh yeah, bunches.
      Sadly Lost to Hazmat: An Imago in Steel/Cork & MCB in Linen/Olive.
      " ...all [that] you have to depend on is yourself and your luggage." - The Luggage Salesman (Joe Versus the Volcano)


        Synapse not available in Dyneema ever again either...confirmed by Katy. Sorry I missed that one.


          Originally posted by bltkmt View Post
          Synapse not available in Dyneema ever again either...confirmed by Katy. Sorry I missed that one.

          Tom Bihn has a presence on Facebook

          Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.

          And on Flicker

          You could join Tom Bihn networks and express your interest in the Crimson Brain Bag and Dyneema Synapse.

          Some people in those networks, might be owning the bags in multiple colors or have outgrown a particular color or bag design. One might be willing to trade the bag with the color you want for another of the same Tom Bihn bag in a new color or a newly designed bag.

          It is worth a try.

          Darcy, Katy, I hope that idea is within the forum guidelines, if not, please delete the post and the idea within.
          Last edited by backpack; 06-02-2010, 03:32 PM.


            Thanks for the tips. I like the idea of having stuff on the wishlist ready to go. But my problem in this case was simply timing. I was waiting for payday this week. Oh well.

            Think I'll still grab a cafe bag & some pouches but I'll start looking around for a different backpack.


              Feel your pain... also missed the opportunity! Went for the backorder anyway... Synapse in black/steel.