A thought, after getting my new Super Ego.

At least in the case of the SE, this bag is /visibly/ of a higher quality than usual. I've been getting looks all day at the office for it, and it just stands out in terms of workmanship.

What worries me a little is that I don't have a "permanent" way to identify this as my bag, and I got to thinking. I think you'd have a nice "add-on" market for an "ID tag", maybe a name and address, or any text the user wanted, embroidered into the lining on, say, the reverse lower left-hand corner of the front flap, thus making it much more difficult to steal without having to permanently disfigure the bag by cutting the "tag" out.

As you don't offer this presently, does anyone have any ideas on how I could elegantly make this bag a lot less liable to "take a walk"?



PS: I love the bag. LOVE it. I'll be posting a review of it in a few weeks once I've bought my textbooks, and can load it the way I will for normal use.