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Secret handshake?

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    Secret handshake?

    OK, I finally did it.

    After much browsing of tombihn.com, countless viewings of Maverick's videos, several threads pestering forum members, a few emails to Tom Bihn HQ, and a couple of disappointments as preferred items went out of stock, I have finally pulled the trigger and placed my first Tom Bihn order.

    I'm ready for someone to teach me the secret handshake now :-)

    I may have added a few too many pouches to the list, but given the cost of shipping to Australia I figured I may as well add a few extra. Better to have too many than too few. Mind you, if I do want some more, I'll get them shipped to Canada ready for my visit later this year.

    I've ended up going for 2 cafe bags (large & medium - I may end up selling one once I've settled on a preference), wallet in cork (which means a little wait), side effect, and a bunch of clear and cordura pouches (at least one in each size).

    Yippee! New bags. I'm rather excited.


    You think you are exited now? Wait till you get the UPS tracking number.

    Then, there is the actual tracking itself.

    The day of delivery and last but definitely not least, the opening of the box full of goodies.

    We expect pictures.

    Then lengthy explanations about what you will do with each bag and accessory.

    Happy for you and... Keep us posted!


      @backpack - Love your post! Soooooo true!!!


        backpack has us sooo pegged! We all do this I am sure! I am usually sad until I get the UPS tracking number!
        Ego in Black, Steel, Wasabi, Empire Builder in Black, Black, Sapphire (Husband), 2 Brain Cells (Black), 2 Medium Cafe Bags - 1 in Black, Wasabi & 1 in Navy, Cayenne, 2 Large Cafe bags w/Absolute Straps - 1 in Linen, Olive and 1 in Cocoa, Wasabi, Guardian Dual Function Light & Lots of pouches!


          It's really more of a happy dance than a secret handshake...


            Thinking maybe I should have chosen an in stock wallet colour so it would ship quicker.


              Originally posted by gonty View Post
              Thinking maybe I should have chosen an in stock wallet colour so it would ship quicker.
              I think that Pouches and Wallets are made from leftover fabric from making bags that is probably why the Cork has a little bit of wait, Cork bags have to be made first.

              Cork is an excellent choice for your Wallet color, I am not a warm color person but Cork is the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen and ecologically, it is the best fabric on earth.

              I believe that you will receive request from friends to get the Wallet or other Tom Bihn goodies when you visit Canada.

              Prepare your list now!


                Originally posted by backpack View Post
                You think you are exited now? Wait till you get the UPS tracking number.

                Then, there is the actual tracking itself.
                You're right, I can't help but watch the tracking.

                Unfortunately, that has taken a turn for the worse. This morning, by bags were in Ascot Vale, just the other side of Melbourne from here.

                Then this afternoon I notice that my bags have arrived in Sydney!

                It's ok, I know they will arrive. I shall remain calm.


                  Best moment: "Out for delivery."


                    Well, are they there yet?

                    And I agree with MsMoon: it's more of a happy dance. What's the use of a secret handshake when we can all recognize each other from a distance by the multitude of Tom Bihn bags we have draped all over us. :P


                      Originally posted by ncb4 View Post
                      Well, are they there yet?
                      Not yet, According to UPS, scheduled delivery is tomorrow.


                        The Tom Bihn "happy dance" looks a little like this:

                        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                        You too will be doing it once you open your package.
                        Editor--One Bag, One World: News, Reviews & Community for Light Travelers.

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                          I was just on my way out the door this morning when a little brown van pulled up outside. Yay!

                          All I had time to do was to rip the box open, have a quick look at everything, and quickly transfer a few things from my old bag into the medium cafe bag.

                          Some immediate thoughts:

                          I love the size of the medium cafe bag. I think it will be perfect for me a lot of the time.

                          One of my pouches is in crimson (as requested) and it's a great colour. Wouldn't use it for a whole bag, but love it as an accessory.

                          Got the wallet in cork and I love that fabric. Wish I'd couple of pouches in it too.

                          Back to work now. Will play more with my bags tonight.



                            Sadly, both cameras that reside in our house are travelling with my wife and my nokia takes the worst photos imaginable, so no unboxing pics.

                            I've started thinking more about uses for the various pouches though.

                            - iPod nano + earbuds spent today in a mini cordura pouch.
                            - I think I'll try my clear mini pouch with coins.
                            - Large cordura pouch now has some papers in an A4 manilla folder and an A4 notepad ready for a meeting tomorrow morning. Not sure if I'll take the large cafe bag for these to fit, or carry it separately in combination with the medium cafe.
                            - Wallet is self explanatory. I'll give it a go and see if I prefer it to my waterfield wallet. I do love the cork.
                            - My sunglasses fit quite nicely in the pen & pencil pouch.
                            - Not sure yet what use I have for 2 small and a medium pouch.

                            First thoughts on the bags. Medium cafe worked well today with wallet, phone, keys, ipod, small notepad, pen, bottle and a book. Not sure how it would have gone if I was carrying lunch too.

                            A little thing - I noticed quite a change from using a messenger bag that had velcro on the flaps. I miss being able to just drop the flap down and have it stick, but I love not having velcro. I hate it catching my sleeves and hate opening it in meetings etc.

                            I really like that it is a thin bag. Worn across my back it sits nice and flat, This was a big selling point for me.

                            I didn't use the front zipped pocket or open pocket on the back yet. I'll play around a bit over the next few weeks working out where I like to keep things.

                            I got the steel interior which looks nice, but is dark and I can see the benefit of something like wasabi in terms of finding things inside. The large cafe bag I got has cayenne interior and that is an improvement.

                            Haven't tried the large cafe at all, so don't have much to say about it except that I quite like the option of having a bag with the same layout as the medium but scaled up for days when I need to upsize. Got the absolute strap which seems nice.

                            I also ordered a side effect and I really don't know why. The size is good and I can certainly see times I'd be happy to grab a bag that just fits my wallet, keys and phone and maybe a couple of small things. But there is something about the size, or orientation, or strap size that makes me unsure I quite like the style. I'd never wear it as a waist pack but have had a play with using the waist strap across the shoulders messenger bag style. I feel like the included shoulder strap is a bit too thin for my liking. Anyway, I'll have a play and see what I think. I could maybe see it as a useful bag for wallet, keys, phone, ipod when I go camping. One thing I will say about it is this - I got the steel and it really is a very nice colour.