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June announcements?

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    June announcements?

    Was I dreaming, or did I read somewhere that some new products were to be announced in June?

    you're dreaming.

    Products that were announced to be available in February were reset to May/June... Now, potentially longer.

    Even beloved organizations need to set reasonable expectations. (yes, I'm salty! Want to know at least these (potential) inserts like the camera and how the Changing Pad will work with existing bags.... or what/if the Parental Unit is a combo of products or a new bag all together)


      The best way to know more about Tom Bihn products is to subscribe to the e-newsletter.

      Tom Bihn Inc is a very small company, best known for its innovative designs.

      The time spent on the designs is what make Tom Bihn's products stand above the crowd, the designs are the best balance between durability/strength, style and functionality.

      Waiting until pre-order time to unveil a new product is a necessity in this day and age of reverse engineering which can even be made from pictures.
      Luxury European designers have to guard themselves against knock off, Tom is a designer, he needs to take the same precaution.

      The redesigned Western Flyer was just unveiled. The Ristretto and Cache for iPad and the little Swift just came out.

      From the Blog

      Updates on New Designs
      Camera Insert
      Tom's brother Dan - a professional photographer who you may remember created this video about our Seattle factory - has been on assignment testing the Camera Insert. Tom and Dan have made an already cool camera bag even better. Most of the materials have arrived and they're great, too - what's left is finalizing the new design features that Tom has added. We hope to make the Camera Insert available for pre-order in August or September.

      The Field Journal Notebook is on its way. You can be certain that it is coming soon. What's the hold up? Tom uses his Field Journal Notebook prototype every day and wants it to be absolutely perfect. This means sending the prototype to our sewing machine sales reps and investigating whether a new sewing machine would help the fabric lay even better for a flawless finish - that's what we mean by absolutely perfect. We hope to make the Field Journal Notebook available for pre-order by mid-July.

      The Parental Unit has been delayed by one of the specialty components - we will keep you updated on its progress.

      Remember the "Kennedy Center" travel bag? That's the new Western Flyer - the version with the rolling luggage handle pocket.

      Coming later this year/early next year: a gym bag, a garment bag, and more types of Organizer Pouches.

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        >>Coming later this year/early next year: a gym bag>>

        Oh, good! I just joined a gym, and spent the better part of an evening searching the forums trying to figure out what Bihn bag might work for the gym (which is tricky, because "gym" is too few letters to search.)

        Maybe the anticipation of the perfect gym bag will keep me going...if I stick with the exercise, I'll reward myself with the bag. ;-)