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Field Journal: Which paper would you use?

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    Field Journal: Which paper would you use?

    Which paper would you order with your Field Journal Notebook? Take this poll and feel free to explain your choice in the thread. Also: go here and scroll down to Cornell Lined and Cornell Graph. Would you find these papers useful?
    Other (explain)

    The poll is expired.

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    Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.

    I like white paper, plain or with narrow-spaced full-width rules in gray or blue, with little blank space at the top and bottom.


      For regular notes, I prefer lined. I love the Cornell layout, especially Levenger's modded version. I use that and Clairefontaine (the best!) paper 90 percent of the time when I'm handwriting. Clairefontaine is heavenly with fountain pens, but I'm guessing the new notebook is going to be more of a Fisher pen / pencil kind of thing.

      Looking forward to it!


        For me, it absolutely, positively must be fountain pen friendly paper, such as Clairefontaine or Rhodia. I'd probably choose white paper for this kind of notebook, but like cream or ivory for journaling. Depending on what I was doing, I might want blank paper or narrow/college ruled lines. Rhodia's newly designed Dot Pads are currently my favorite for just about anything -- they are so versatile. I've bought several of their Dot Pads in different sizes to use in my Circa notebooks. I can't wait to get my hands on a Field Journal!!!


          It's graph paper for me with 4 squares or lines per inch. I like Moleskine's off-white paper color.


            My preference is unlined and definitely fountain pen friendly.


              I said other because I like lined and graph paper in white.

              Cornell rulings would definitely be useful for people in college.

              Fountain pen friendly paper like Rhodia and Clarefontaine is heavenly to write on even with a pencil, ballpoint or rollerball.

              Fountain pens and inkrollers (rollerballs specially designed to take fountain pen cartridges) are my tools of choice.

              They are a must for long handwriting sessions or as color coding organizing tools.

              Lead holders and erasable color pencils are used when plane travel is required.
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                Usually, it's graph for me.


                  Will it also fit any ISO 216 (A4, A5 etc ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_216)?

                  How about the holes in the paper?



                    Originally posted by Zroo View Post
                    Will it also fit any ISO 216 (A4, A5 etc ; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_216)?

                    How about the holes in the paper?
                    I really hope that it's euro compatible.

                    I could use Graph paper too


                      It does look smaller than A4. 3 rings in the binder is a bit of a deal-breaker for me but I'd still consider it if it holds A4.

                      As for paper; given the shipping costs from the US (I'm in Australia) I'd want to be able to use my own paper.



                        Lines: Plain, please, so that it's suitable for both writing and sketching.

                        Color: Ivory or cream, so that it's easier on the eyes, especially in bright light or sun.

                        Size: Another vote here for European sizing (or in my case, Asian sizes), if the notebook is refillable.


                          I'm hoping I'll be able to choose, and customize. I'd like to be able to include my own template pages.


                            I'd like grid paper and plain for sketching. Is it going to be a standard size? $30 shipping to Canada would make it prohibitive to order from the states.


                              I vote for this paper: http://www.doanepaper.com/ - I've never tried it but it looks neat. I also would vote for plain, unlined paper but I didn't want to vote twice.

                              PS: I'm so nervous about my first post to the forums. I'm a longtime lurker and proud owner of a small cafe bag, Western Flyer and an Aeronaut - love them all, especially the Western Flyer.