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Idea for new bag

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    Idea for new bag

    Hi Everybody,

    First up, I've already got a Western Flyer, Buzz and ID bag. I also have around 10 or so pouches (clear, cordura, dyneema, padded, etc). So obviously I love my Tom Bihn gear!

    I have an idea for a new bag. More of a personal item bag or walk-around bag for travelling. Here's my thoughts:

    * Fabric - U.S. 1050 denier Ballistic nylon (I love how smooth this stuff is)
    * Liner - Dyneema/nylon ripstop (BTW you have a spelling mistake on your description of this on your website for the Western Flyer)
    * Style - Same as the Buzz, but smaller. No need to be able to carry a 15" laptop, only big enough for an iPad or netbook.
    * Colour - For me it would have to be black outside with solar for the liner.
    * Other - Removable laptop protector (in case I don't need it for that so I can reclaim some extra space and not have the weight of the neoprene).
    * Other - Removable insert into the laptop compartment that allows for more compartments - so basically if I don't need to carry a laptop, I can plug this in instead (of the laptop protector) and have more spaces to put miscellaneous gear such as electronic cables (chargers etc), all in their own compartment that won't rub against each other.
    * Other - The removable insert would be similar to the current neoprene laptop protector, but instead would contain multiple zips to access each compartment - think the TB Padded Pouch, but many of them in different sizes, all sewn onto one big piece of neoprene.
    * Other - Even though the current Buzz is quite light already, the above should make it even lighter again (which in these days of air travel, every gram (sorry, ounce ) counts).

    If you made this bag I would buy one in a second. I like my current Buzz, but the above bag would not make me use it anymore
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    Surely the Co-Pilot is worth a look?



      Yep, but only briefly, I like the fact that the buzz fits relatively flat against my back and is in fact more backpack like rather than a messenger bag. I also like the wide strap that is actually part of the bag on the buzz.

      The co-pilot is great ( knowing me, I'll probably get it down the track anyway), but is nothing like what I described in my ideal bag/backpack.