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Tom Bihn Parcel .... It's in the post

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    Tom Bihn Parcel .... It's in the post

    Holey Moley!

    Its been less than 24hours since I placed my order and the parcel is already out in the post somewhere!

    Now, if only I could get the airplane to fly really really fast to England to make the delivery ......

    If only we could teleport them to you . Talk about instant gratification!
    1-800-729-9607 (US & Canada) 360-452-0115 (other countries)
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      I know - I was very excited to get my email from UPS! Now I'm counting down the days!

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        Its just left Newark! I know some places that wouldn't have processed the order yet. C'mon my precious!


          Originally posted by Twitchy View Post
          Its just left Newark! I know some places that wouldn't have processed the order yet. C'mon my precious!

          Hi Twitchy,
          I truly understand. My black Co-Pilot and Kit left Seattle last night at 10:58. Due here next Thursday. UPS has always delivered my treasures safely and on time. I trust this time will be the same.
          Happy travels,
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            ITs in the country! But its the weekend and they don't deliver! Woes!


              I must admit I've never had any problems with UPS getting my parcels to the UK and I've had about 3 or 4 of them from Tom Bihn now. I had one last week, it arrived on the Tuesday and I only ordered the Thursday prior. I've known many UK based deliveries take longer than that! Just be ready with your chequebook to pay the UPS driver any tax/duty owing on your order :-)


                I just checked with UPS, its due out for delivery with Customs charges. Yeah, I still don't understand why UPS don't inform me of the charges first? I'm not aware of any courier services that ask for COD anymore.

                Still, Only ordered my goodies 5 days ago and its already in the country. And two of those days were the weekend. Outstanding!


                  Royal Mail/Parcel Force normally send you a letter of any customs charges in advance to either pay online or at the depot. The way UPS does things does save time and they do seem to get parcels through customs very quickly. I think you can only pay be cheque if delivered to the door, through I'd imagine by other means at the depot. I'm sure I've had letters from UPS asking to pay customs when they're delievered without COD.


                    I paid by card over the phone. I just find it all a bit inconvenient since I rang up to find out how much the charge was (yesterday) and they told me I had to wait till its actually out for delivery because the invoice hadn't been generated yet. Though I understand this actually speeds up the whole process I had the UPS man sitting in my office waiting for me to pay ...

                    Woo hoo! Its here! All i need to do now is rush home and fill it! Hope my laptop fits ...

                    Them zippers are amazing! Dammit I love this stuff!


                      woo hoo!

                      It all fits! Got the bag home, filled it to the brim .. and the flap still closes. Awesome! Hmm, wonder if Tom will ever design a bigger Super Ego ... an Alter Ego perhaps.

                      I'll add a proper review after a few weeks use. I have to say, I was a bit wary of paying over £200 for a laptop bag but now that i have got it home and filled it I can see just where the money goes. The quality is better than anything have used (and not just bags). Most impressed. Hmm, i feel another bag purchase growing!