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Packing cube vs rolling

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    Packing cube vs rolling

    I've used my packing cubes with my Aeronaut a few times with good success but I remember seeing a video a while ago from a flight attendant who showed how much space was saved by rolling clothes. I've rolled before but not with the Aeronaut. I assume it's one or the other (packing cubes or rolling) unless someone has a trick to combine the two.

    Any experiences with rolling vs using a packing cube?
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    I do both depending on what I have to carry.

    Once I had a flight and a dress event scheduled close to each other. I used the packing cube backpack for Aeronaut to fold my microfiber dress outfit, my husband light wool dress jacket and hold all my accessories.

    My other casual clothes were rolled in clean grocery bags or folded into ziplock bags, I was able to bring the dressy outfit, several casual outfits and assorted night and bases garments in one Brain Bag.

    My husband Brain Bag held his shoes and assorted pants, shorts, swimsuits and base garments.


      I bundle wrap in my packing cube back pack. The rest go in the small packing cubes.


        I combine the two...I roll and put them into packing cubes.

        Some might think this is overkill. I don't. I can actually fit more in and be more organized.

        At security, if they want to check my bags, having things in packing cubes keeps everything organized and easy to repack.

        By using packing cubes, I know what I have and can easily find anything.

        Rolling does keep wrinkles out. However, unless you are packing your case to the gills, the "rolled" items could shift in your case and become unrolled or wrinkle. By using packing cubes, they stay in one place.

        Now, I'll be honest, I don't have an Aeronaut. But, I've used my method in a Tri-Star and in a one compartment bag. Both worked great.

        I'm aware of the bundle method and lots of people love it.It is excellent at keeping out wrinkles. I don't use it because you have to unwrap the entire bundle just to get to one piece of clothing. With cubes, you just go after what you need.
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          I also use rolling as my primary packing method in my packing cubes. However, if I'm going to be in one place for a while, I sometimes use the bundlepack method, especially if I'm going somewhere with drawer and closet space. (You would be surprised how many Chinese hotel rooms lack any clothing drawers at all!) I think bundlepacking may be marginally more efficient space-wise, but if I'm going to be living out of my Tri-star without fully unpacking, individual rolling is a lot more convenient.
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            I also roll and cube, mainly for all the reasons fbrown627 and flitcraft laid out.