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Welcome to our newest member, mariezeeb.


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Welcome Eliam to the TOM BIHN crew!

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    Welcome Eliam to the TOM BIHN crew!

    Hi everyone!

    Please welcome Eliam ([email protected]) to TOM BIHN. Eliam is newest member of our Customer Service crew. If you call us, it's likely that Eliam will now answer the phone. In fact - feel free to give us a call tomorrow morning (August 13) (1-800-729-9607 between 7:30am and 4:00pm PST) to say Hi to Eliam!

    Eliam's bio is on the About us page. His very first TOM BIHN bag is a Steel Dyneema/Solar Dyneema Synapse.

    Eliam is handling and reading about a new style of bag every day to learn more about what we make. If there was one thing you would tell Eliam about our bags, what would it be?
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    1-800-729-9607 (US & Canada) 360-452-0115 (other countries)
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    Hi, Eliam. Welcome.

    My one thing: You should be proud of where you work, because the company's products and service demonstrate integrity. The customers appreciate it.


      Greetings, Eliam... we're the ones you've been warned about... Welcome.


        welcome aboard, eliam!

        you're in good company! there isn't a finer company anywhere that you could be a part of! we all look forward to getting to know you!


          Welcome Eliam. I hope you'll enjoy your job as much as we enjoy our bags.


            Welcome, Eliam! What I want to say about TB is that, when I get my shipment, I know there's not going to be any disappointment whatsoever when I open the box. So often I've ordered other products that looked good on a website, but were disappointing when I received them, either due to inferior quality or some weird design quirk. That just never happens with Tom Bihn products. I'm willing to pay premium $ to get premium + products! Now if only I could buy one of everything....!
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              THANK YOU

              Thank you all for the warm welcome. I look forward to serving (and maybe meeting some of you) soon.
              Eliam Puente

              1-800-729-9607 (US & Canada) 1-866-747-7949 (Other Countries)
              Siquid mantica non capit, domi relinquendum est.


                Hello again, Eliam!

                Hello again, Eliam. I say again because we spoke twice already on the phone regarding Super Ego production. Welcome aboard, you work for a great American company! I hope your job is as enjoyable as we find the bags and accessories. Go team Bihn!
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                  Hello and welcome


                    Thanks to all of you for giving Eliam such a warm welcome.
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                      Welcome, Eliam!

                      We are a fanatical group -- we love our TB Bags and accessories! You are now part of the warmest and largest families in the country. You could not work for a better company! Welcome!
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                        Welcome aboard Eliam, I believe I saw you at the last open house. You've joined an excellent company that has a great reputation/cult following!