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met a fellow tom bihn bag user at the apple store in reston, va today!

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    met a fellow tom bihn bag user at the apple store in reston, va today!

    i stopped by the apple store in reston town center as i walked back to the office today.

    much to my excitement, there was a black horizontal brain cell there! i went and said hello to the proud owner of the bag and we chatted about tom bihn bags.

    it's always exciting when you run into a fellow tom bihn bag user!

    i invited him to stop by the forum...let's see...


    I had a similar experience yesterday! We have company visiting from the South and were at the Mall of America ( not my favorite place to be but visitors seem to like to say they have been there!). I had my Synapse with me with all the usual requirements for a day out with a 12 y/o, 6 y/0 twins and a 2 y/o. When we were entering the amusement park area - right by the 15 foot Sponge Bob statue, a man and his wife came running up to yelling "Wait!" ( it's a high energy sort of place

    He asked if my backpack was a Tom Bihn Synapse - I thought my husband was going to be hysterical. When I replied that it was, he insisted that I unload everything so he could try it out. My precious Synapse was unloaded, loaded, inspected, worn and returned to me with a smile, many thanks and the declaration that he would order one that very day in the hopes it would be waiting for him when they returned home from vacation.
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      I've had a number of total strangers comment stop me to comment on my Tom Bihn bags. I think my favorite example, though, was in the San Francisco airport. I had a multi-hour layover and was nursing a snack and drink when I noticed some guy looking at me. Like he was thinking about starting a conversation.

      Now, I'm a happily married woman, but I have to admit that when I observed him glancing my way a few times, I did find it flattering. And he was, frankly, kind of attractive. Can I admit that it was just a wee bit disappointing when his opening line was, "Excuse me, but isn't that a Tom Bihn Empire Builder?"

      P.S. I wasn't, it was a Zephyr.

      P.P.S. We had a lovely chat for the next hour or so till his plane was called. And no, neither of us asked for contact info!
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