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Western Flyer/Brain Cell Observation

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    Western Flyer/Brain Cell Observation

    Long-time lurker, rare-time poster here. I just started planning for a trip overseas, and was freaking out because I needed to bring my laptop. Because my laptop has super-weird dimensions, it only fits in the largest Brain Cell (admittedly with a couple of inches to spare). I originally purchased the vertical Brain Cell to go in my Smart Alec backpack, and was dismayed when I looked at the fit guide and found out that it wouldn't fit in my Western Flyer.

    The thing about this is, I'm a stubborn little cuss, especially when it comes to packing. I'm one of those geeks that likes to get everything into one neat little bag--that tendency was what led me to Tom Bihn in the first place. I'm also in geek-lust with my Western Flyer. Don't get me wrong; the Smart Alec is a wonderful backpack, but it doesn't push my functional buttons the way that the Western Flyer does. Those hideway backpack straps with the hidden buckles are pure sex, no question. And don't even get me started on the full indigo body. . .

    So, Wasabi Size 1 Vertical Brain Cell in hand, I took down the Western Flyer. After a moment's consideration, I decided to use the front pocket--you know, the one with the zippable shoe separator. Carefully, nervously, I centered the bright, padded case within the solar interior. And then I began to zip. I started on the left side, and pulled it around to the right. The teeth clicked together smoothly.

    Finally, I got to the last few inches. A bit of shifting in the bag. . .and the zipper pull reached its mate. The Brain Cell fit perfectly.

    Now, the clips don't mesh up--and wouldn't even if they were in the back compartment, where the clips actually are, but the fit is close enough that it won't slide around. In all seriousness, this might be something to mention on the page for the Western Flyer. That way, future bag geeks won't have to experiment for themselves.