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Vote! Field Journal Notebook Colors

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    Vote! Field Journal Notebook Colors

    Vote for the colors you'd like to see us make the Field Journal Notebook in. You can select more than one color.
    Secret New Color We Can't Tell You About Yet

    The poll is expired.

    Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

    Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.

    I like cocoa/cayenne
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      it's hard not to pick every color!


        Originally posted by maverick View Post
        it's hard not to pick every color!
        Yup, and how about that secret new color that they can't tell us about?


          I'm surprised Indigo and Linen aren't getting more votes. I have bags with both colors and perhaps they are of those has-to-be-seen-in-person colors. Linen (I still think the original name of Sand is more accurate in description), and Indigo are excellent colors. Indigo looks better in person than it appears on my monitor. Also, it has this irridescent quality like a sharskin suit that it gets lighter or darker depending on how the light hits it. It works well. Just not the kind of thng a static shot can impart.

          I saw a shot here on the forum of a Linen Medium Cafe Bag at a club in England and poof I purchased one and it is a fav of mine. This is an excellent example of why the Tom Bihn meets (as discussed in another thread) would be lots of fun. We can see the colors for ourselves.

          I could see clothing in the color Linen (really Sand for my money) being easily worn at a construction site or a boardroom. It's just a good color.
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          Sadly Lost to Hazmat: An Imago in Steel/Cork & MCB in Linen/Olive.
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            Every color is a classic color, easy to coordinate or contrast with the cool colors of winter, spring and summer or the warm colors of fall.

            Some people have a predominant cool color wardrobe, some have a warm color wardrobe and others mix and match.

            A Cocoa FJN would be just wonderful with the Cocoa or Cork Small Swift.

            I know how gorgeous Plum is and how well it goes with every color. (don't ask how I know, I am taking the 5th on the number of Plum TB objets I have)

            Indigo looks spectacular. Many bags in that color are calling my name.

            Black and Steel are staple neutral for the workplace.

            Linen and Olive are great warm color neutrals.

            I find that this array of colors is bound to please anybody in the market for the FJN.

            Some people might also consider getting a couple of FJN in different colors.

            It is conceivable that one might use a FJN for work and another for family organization, craft projects lists or writing projects outlines.
            Or a personal journal be it for travel, wedding, pregnancy, house purchase/renovation, life journey with a pet...

            Those are the ideas that came to mind from the minute I heard of the concept of the FJN to now.

            I and many others in the forum. own Pouches in many colors, the Large ones are lifesavers when life throws an event that demands strict organization.

            Just like Pouches, the FJN promises to help with everyday and big projects organization and that is always good.
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              The reason I didn't vote for Linen has to do with my experience with my medium cafe bag. I've had to wash it more frequently than any other bag I own because it keeps getting dirty. I'll admit I use it a lot and I'm not careful about where I set it down, but none of my other bags have needed more than a bit of spot cleaning.

              Somehow, I didn't think that would be a desired quality in a field journal.


                I voted for Cocoa & Plum. I love Linen, have a Café bag in it, but think it would get dirty very quickly. Indigo would be my 3rd choice. I figure Black & Steel would be shoo-ins, but I want something more fun. I will probably get two FJNs, certainly if they are offered in Cocoa & Plum!


                  I voted Cocoa and Olive; but that mystery color...hummmm.
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                    The poll won't let me vote...so am putting in a good word for indigo. I know you are all shocked.


                      Field Journal Notebook Colours

                      I do enjoy Black as a rule for notebooks but I put in a vote for Cocoa and Indigo as well. I have seen the Indigo in person and that is a very brilliant shade of blue. If the cocoa comes out in a deep brown shade I'm on board since deep brown shades are my favourite next to black.

                      If I've missed it pardon me but if anyone happens to know what size(s) will the notebook be available in? I'm pretty much a Moleskine devotee but TB could have me changing my mind if the notebook stays flat when I'm writing. I blame my lefthandedness

                      Any hints to the top secret colour? I like emerald so I say give me a co-pilot in emerald and I'll buy it then. No its not blackmail...(whistles to herself smiling as she goes down the road.) Hey, Moleskine listened to me about putting the monthly view in for the 2011 Daily Organiser I received this past week so I can dream right? LOL...
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                        From the mystery photo on the blog, it looks like we're getting a gorgeous option in the red color family. That's exciting!
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                          There's a new (I think) color listed for the Cafe Bags: Conifer. Could that be the "Secret New Color"? If it's green, it sounds wonderful.


                            Yes, I was just wondering what Conifer looked like, and if it was new or old. Hm!


                              Originally posted by quacksalve View Post
                              Yes, I was just wondering what Conifer looked like, and if it was new or old. Hm!
                              I haven't seen Conifer before, but a few year's ago Pine was a color option for the Cafe bags. If you want to see what this looked like, check this forum post and scroll down the page for the comments and pictures. Pine/Wasabi was a really nice color combination, but it didn't last very long. Just a few months later we had this intelligent post from one of the mods. There have been a few comments in the forum about bringing back a similar color.