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Panasonic GF 1 in the Co-Pilot?

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    Panasonic GF 1 in the Co-Pilot?

    Wondering if anybody can tell me if the Panny GF1 would fit in the co-pilot comfortably....

    I ma looking for a small everyday bag and the co-pilot is high on the list...just need to carry my camera and a spare lens with it...

    I think Maverick has both the gf1 and the co-pilot..Mav..what do you think?


    hi keith!

    i believe that the panasonic gf1 with either the 14-45mm lens or the 20mm pancake lens will fit in the main compartment of the co-pilot. i think you should also carry the gf1 with the 20mm pancake lens in either of the front left or front right compartment.

    someone has borrowed my gf1, otherwise i would get you a quick video of the camera going into the co-pilot. maybe later this week...


      I can confirm that the Panny GF1 with either the 14-45mm or the 20mm pancake lens will fit in the front pockets. That is how I carry mine.


        How do you like the GF1? I'm debating a new camera purchase. I have my eye on the G2 as well but I like the idea of the smaller GF1 and that 20mm pancake lens.
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          Panny GF!

          Thanks for the feedback....I am glad to see the panny gf1 will fit in the copilot..just need to get the bag now. Maverick, would love to see the video too..

          btw my daughters and I watch your videos all the time..my 8 year old does Tom Bihn reviews and copies your lingo...it's a hoot to watch

          As far as the camera, I own a Canon EOS Rebel xsi with two lens, bought it last year, actually selling it on Ebay right now..http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...#ht_500wt_1154

          The GF1 is an AMAZING camera...the Canon is nice too.but the GF1 is so exciting to shoot with, the photo quality is super nice...see these photos I took the first day I had the camera...http://www.facebook.com/HarvestEatin...&id=1021122281

          all photos shot with natural light and handheld. The cam is nice to hold, fast and shoots nice video too. I bought it because of the size and the video. The great picture quality was a slight surprise. I found I would leave the Canon home because it's pretty big and heavy.

          I can highly recommend this camera. I am in love with it....cannot wait to shoot with it where ever I go...will be doing some speeches at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival in November...I will take a few thousand photos.....excited!

          Thanks again for co pilot info..I love that little bag..and I don't even have one. Blame Maverick for that!


            And a DSLR

            My Canon XS with the 28-135 lens fits in the CoPilot.
            Alas, I have to return it since I goofed up the color selection.
            At least I got a good preview!
            Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


              Panny Gf1

              I never thought the Gf1 would fit with the big lens into the co-pilot...that is awesome...even though the pancake lens is great...that little 14-45mm lens that can zoom is very nice...and it has in-lens stabilization.

              What happened to the Tom bihn camera insert? I read about it somewhere...does that thing exist? looks like it would fit into the dyneema packing cube/shoulder bag and maybe in the Empire builder....??



                I was debating between the gf1 and the epl-1.
                I ended up getting a screaming deal on an epl-1, so I had to get it. Also got the pancake lens on the gf1 as my main lens, its been a great combo. I couldn't be happier with the pics so far.