Alan Williams of the Daily Gadget reviewed the Empire Builder. Here's an excerpt of his review:

"I've been using this bag for a few months now, and I have simply not found a better briefcase anywhere for any price. This bag's typical routine was to come with me to work, then to school to pick up my son, countless meeting during the week, more than a few trips...in each case, it performs well. Kept me organized and prepared with everything I needed.

Tom Bihn's bags don't come cheap, but it is money well spent. I've used briefcases that have cost five times what the Empire Builder does ($140) , and none of them come close. Makes me really wish I could keep it.

Why would I give up such a wonderful bag? Simple. My wife loved it too. She's able to carry all of her work, scriptbooks, drafting and supplies, her lunch, and even a sweatshirt all in the Empire Builder. All stuff she would have crammed haphazardly into backpack can be carried with grace in the Empire Builder."

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