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Additional Field Notebook Option

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    Additional Field Notebook Option

    I really like the idea of the Field Notebook. I have one problem that is keeping me from ordering one. I don't want to have to deal with yet another punch system. I already own a circa punch, filofax personal punch and a standard three-hole punch. Is there any way that the field notebook could be made in such a way that the user could slide in a notebook or sketchbook of their choosing? Sort of the same way checks slide into a checkbook. I would really prefer this as I could use notebooks with microperfs and then punch (or not punch) the pages however I saw fit. Please??? Thank you!!

    Yeah! If I could remove the 3-ring part of the FJN and slip in a Circa notebook instead, I would buy a FJN right now. :-D
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      I second (or third) this notion! I'm one of those people who prefers bound journals to anything with holes or punches or perforations. I would love to be able to slip in my approx 5x8-inch Moleskine/Rhodia/Cartesio notebooks. If that was an option, like you merger, I'd order a FJN today.


        I think being able to slip notebooks in and out would be fantastic. I would love to be able to easily slide in my work notebook (which is an A5 Livescribe notebook) or my home notebook (a half-letter-size Arc notebook from Staples) as I saw fit.
        Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


          I don't have one, but I thought there is a slip pocket under the pencil pockets. Couldn't the front cover slip under that? Or would the three rings get into the way? I'm curious because I think a FJN is in my near future and I too would like to occasionally slip another notebook inside of it.
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            I think the plastic piece that the 3 rings are mounted to is removable. You can snap it out and flip it around so that the FJN can be used in a left-handed orientation. Or am I dreaming that I saw that in a video from @maverick? I hope someone with a FJN chimes in soon!


            ETA: I was not dreaming. Check it out, about 6:00 minutes in:

            Tom Bihn Field Journal Notebook - YouTube

            One might be able to mod the plastic piece to remove the rings and add a slip pocket for a different style of notebook. Hmm....
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            Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


              I have an FJN and I am a notepad kind of person so I D.I.Yed something. I placed the HDPE Plastic Leaf between a doubled up thin headband, my half letter size notepad cardboard backing slides between the headband and the HDPE Plastic Leaf.

              Below the pen slot area there is a pocket where a notebook format item could be slided in, I doubt that it would fit anything larger than index card size but I could be mistaken because I do not use notebooks at all.

              I also have a feeling that a slim notebook, Circa, Myndology, Arc or the Clairefontaine ring bound equivalent could slip in the exterior back pocket and be used as an extra way of writing.

              Because the paper area would face downward, there should be little concern about rain on a Rhodia type notebook or a Circa type with a wrap around the rings cover.

              Just trying to be helpful, it is late and I am tired and again I am more a notepad than a notebook kind of person.

              Popular ring binder organizers brands hole punches work with the FJN, they punch more than 3 holes, typically 7, but 3 of these align perfectly with the FJN ring mechanism.


                Yes we can!

                This is exactly what I do: I have a small, A5 size ring binder. I just slip one side of the stiff cover under the pen/pencil section. The other cover is loose. This is actually not a problem at all, because I sometimes carry a small book behind it (between the back cover of my notebook, and the cover of the Field Notebook.)

                Works like a charm! I think having stiff covers makes it easier, but haven't tried it with any other notebook.