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NEW SURPRISE DEBUT for the most enlightened, refined customer we've ever served....

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  • cyp
    I've never personally lived with cats, but observation of other peoples' furry friends suggests that if a cat realizes that you don't want it to sit in a bag, it will immediately climb into the bag.

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  • Ladyrixx
    Very appropriate. I hang carry bags with books to go back to the library from the front doorknob, and I'm forever telling one of our cats she's not a library book.

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  • wormie
    LOL! My kitties and I are awaiting our next cat bed from Tom Bihn

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  • goblin
    I think a halcyon cat carrier would be very fashionable

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  • Rei
    Click image for larger versionName:	20190421_225518.jpgViews:	0Size:	2.32 MBID:	330592

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  • moriond
    …And now, for something completely different…
    Those forum members who were around 7 years ago, may remember the announcement that led to the first opportunity to order (among other things) Packing Cube Shoulder Bags in 400d Halcyon (then called Dyneema), because the stock of 200d Dyneema had run out. There was some initial worry about the reality of this opportunity, because Darcy posted this on April 1st. See:

    We're temporarily out of: Steel, Wasabi, and Iberian 200d Dyneema/nylon
    kkintea in the second post)
    This did turn out to be real. I include a picture later posted by
    Attached Files

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  • bxvr
    My two dogs love my synapse 3000, now if only I could find them again

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  • NEW SURPRISE DEBUT for the most enlightened, refined customer we've ever served....

    Only now, after amassing 40+ years of design experience and expertise, do we feel prepared to craft a design for the most discerning, wise, meditative, enlightened and refined customer we've ever served: cats.

    We're proud to introduce the new line of TOM BIHN cat beds. Available in two styles — cardboard box or bag — these options are certain to please the feline in your life. You can view the full collection of TOM BIHN cat beds here.

    For the hardest to please cats, we recommend purchasing a travel bag such as the Aeronaut 45 or Tri-Star; your cat will immediately recognize that a travel bag means you're going somewhere and will promptly sit on, or in it.

    The environmentally-conscious cat will enjoy the upcycled TOM BIHN shipping box.

    The wild, semi-domesticated feline will appreciate any of our tote bags, which are perfect for hiding in and pouncing from. We recommend placing the tote bag at the top of stairs or on a table near a hallway so that your cat can pop out and wap at you or your guests as they walk by.

    For the meditative feline in your life, we recommend any and all of these options. Simply lay the bag or box down and your cat will sit on it and, with a penetrating gaze, engage in an open-eyed meditation in which you are the focal point.

    You may also be interested in viewing our previous April 1st debuts:

    Introducing the Synapse 3000
    Introducing the Most Minimalist Minimal Wallet ever made
    The Aeronaut 45 Tiny House