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Bigger Buzz?

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    Bigger Buzz?

    I would love (and I hope others would too) to see a slightly larger version of the buzz...

    My frustration with sling bags is that they're always a little too small. I totally get the fact that they're not meant to carry lots of stuff, but their's got to be a way to make the laptop compartment able to fit a 14" computer and to give the bag a little more room.

    Currently my search for an all purpose/laptop protective sling bag is fruitless - the Buzz is closest, but my Acer C301 is too big.

    Hi Dugan,

    My understanding is that because of the orientation, angles and dimensions of a sling bag, the size is limited. What I've heard Tom say is that a Buzz big enough to fit a 14" or 15" computer would be long enough and large enough that it would look silly on anyone under about 6'3" tall. I would asssume this is why you can't seem to find this particular style of bag any bigger than the Buzz.

    This is a recurring request we receive and I'm sure we will continue to discuss the possibility. As of now, that's my recollection of our last discussion on the topic.

    I'm sure it doesn't help but at least I hope to have been informative.

    Your friendly Tom Bihn Shipping Manager (and Buzz user,)



      Not sure it needs to be this small

      I can certainly see that on some people a much bigger bag would be a problem in how it hangs or just looking kinda funny. the thing I like about the Buzz is the single strap - I have never used two straps and I hate all the extra strapping hanging off bags. Looks like a silly octopus hanging from someone's back. That's why I love the Buzz style - I even cut off the hanging extra strap so it is very minimalist.

      However, it barely fits a 12" PowerBook and when I keep the laptop in a protective padding case (I usually cary it in a RadTech casing) it won't even fit in the bag. And the 12" PB is about as small of a laptop as you're going to find.

      I'm 6'2" and could certainly have another 3.5 inches in height on this bag, maybe another inch of width and depth too. Granted, it may not look as cool as the current size on a smaller person, but it would be immensely useful in so many more cases. I find myself unable to use the Buzz for anything but my light commute days to and from the office because I can't even put a manual in the bag with my laptop.

      I personally would just like to see a single-strap, simple bag (like the buzz) that can hold a 15" PowerBook, a bag of power cables, and a book. The single strap that rids on the back (not the hip) is the key.


        Follow up...

        The above post is not to say I don't love my Buzz Just saying that with the added size I could begin using it as my *always* bag, for flights and trips as well. For now it is a great commuter bag.


          The Buzz is designed to fit small 12" laptops and only the laptop -- so any extra sleevecases won't fit well inside of the Buzz laptop pouch, as you've found.

          As Teresa said, the main stumbling block in making a larger Buzz is that we don't want to make one if it's going to look weird or unattractive.

          We do get a lot of requests for a larger Buzz, though, so it's definitely something we are still thinking about.

          I agree that the sling style of the Buzz is great -- I see a lot of people who carry their backpacks with one strap and think they should really be carrying a Buzz!
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            One strap / sling

            I totally agree on the one strap / sling point (I guess I made it first so no surprise I agree.) So maybe a different "style" slightly altered to accomodate a larger size, as long as it is still a single strap designed to mount across the chest, would work well.

            The side-hanging bags (typical briefcase style with long strap) have the problem of bouncing on your hip while you walk and requiring a bit more manipulation as you navigate tight quarters such as the aisle of an airplne. The sling stays put, distributes weight well, and is much cleaner.

            Getting a sling-like bag too chubby would be a real problem, but it seems a little longer and maybe just a tad wider would accomodate the new 15" MacBooks (had fun at MacWorld myself!) and the other widescreen laptops coming out.