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    Customer Interaction

    Darcy This is my first post and after a lot of looking for the perfect bag (25 years!) I finally got a Synik 22. Go me!

    Some observations. I think you would agree your company, and I say company rather than Tom as you're clearly now a team venture, is a two way street between your creativity and design and the customers desire for the perfect bag. There's a clear synergy that other companies simply don't have and we feel, and are, treated like extended family. We can interact easily with key people in the company and provide direct feedback. This is a case in point!

    I do take on board your comments about creativity, the design and build process, materials and more but I also see customer frustration at timescales and the excitement at potential new products that solve pain points. I am one of those people! And to be fair they are valid concerns and pain that neither your fan base nor yourself want to see.

    Have you considered your customers are generally a lot of creatives themselves? We're not only bag owners but photographers, designers, analysts, makers, builders, CEO's, logistics experts and more....... I am saying we have a lot to contribute to YOU to help with your own pain points and in turn that helps ours.

    May I suggest a "Brainshare" day. We can join by zoom or in person if we're lucky enough. You can share a roadmap of your products, take questions, obtain feedback and hold "breakout" sessions on particular areas of interest eg. Trinity, materials or whatever. Take a day out, put together an agenda, and maybe do it once a year.

    Creatives and designers get really creative when they can bounce ideas off each other. It would be an opportunity for YOU to get a lot of feedback, help, suggestions and ideas that could really move some things forward and at the same time validate your thinking with customers to ensure you get more right first time - a commercial benefit to your company - whilst at the same time keeping your extended family excited and feeling they have been a part of this journey to develop "their" products.

    You commented on Tom and the Trinity journey. I am sure he would find design easier if he had good feedback, exciting external ideas, and suggestions on the practical aspects of materials and manufacture. These human interations make crwative people come alive.

    We don't want to do your work for you. That's why we love you and what you do! But if we can help, improve, support or contribute in a positive way that can only be a win for everyone and bring Tom Bihn and it's followers closer together still.

    Just my 2 cents. And if you want help making this real just reach out. I have done this quite a few times over the years!

    Best wishes from the UK


    Welcome to the Forums TonyR
    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...