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New Bag suggestion - "Park Hopper"

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    New Bag suggestion - "Park Hopper"

    TOM BIHN Crew (we work here)
    Darcy Two suggestions in one day

    I would like to propose something different which seems to be - for me at least - an area where simply no product exists that is even vaguely any good. Small backpacks seem to be the thing here.

    I give you "The Park Hopper"

    So this would be a small and minimalistic, cross body style wear designed for theme parks or days out.

    Organisation is key here - lot's of small things. Insulated water bottle, umbrella, glasses, phone, sunscreen, credit cards, ID, keys, park tickets, meds, chapsticks.... You get the idea. We're not on an overnighter although I suspect some will pack it for that!

    This would be light, small and I say cross body as easy access to these things is important. Maybe wear it over shoulder but on the front or back. Nice padded strap to avoid chafing as you will have this thing on for up to 10 hours!

    It would be waterproof (or shower proof) to avoid the rain and water rides. UV resistant, and if it had some sort of this thermal layer to keep things like meds cool inside that would be perfect.

    What are your thoughts, suggestions or improvements?

    Should this be a thing?
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    I imagine the park veterans here will have a lot to contribute to this topic! I am not a theme park goer so I can’t speak to what sorts of things would be allowed or not.

    I recall that in the past there has been a lot of discussion regarding the Side Kick and Side Effect for theme parks. A Halcyon Side Effect with an Absolute Strap (or it’s non-TB sibling, the Op-Tech Mini SOS strap) might do well given these requirements. The Halcyon is pretty good for water resistance. One might also try a Side Effect /Side Kick with the waist strap or even the Padded Hip Belt along with the Padded Hip Belt Pocket for a water bottle.

    I imagine that the Everyday Cubelet will be too small for your needs but should be mentioned if one carries a water bottle separately or not at all. If a slightly larger bag is allowed, the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag or Icon might also be considerations. In the case of the Icon though, the strap isn’t changeable so that might not work if you want a super heavy duty strap.

    Would the Le Grand Derrière be too big to be allowed? That would hold everything and also would be on the hip so could be worn comfortably for a long time.


      Lots to choose from: Side Kick, Icon, Co-Pilot, any size Cafe bag that suits one's carry load, Packing Cube Shoulder Bag, retired Imago, or Le Grand Derriere. I have all of those except LGD, so I'd probably choose either a Side Kick or a Co-Pilot if I didn't want to carry a lightweight backpack.


        I think I would like to see the bag part actually cross body so it is worn centrally. You're always worrying about things being stolen from backpacks or bags and also everything falls easily to hand when you're stressed in a queue trying to find something.


          I picture an LGD without the waist belt, but with added cinch straps on the bottom for umbrella carrying. Like, built-in Road Buddy Lash Straps.
          LGD, MCB, DLBC, SK, EC