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    Hi everyone,

    I am here in the US for a couple of months and therefore took the opportunity to order TB bags without the eye-popping extra charges they incur when shipping to Sweden. I got a bunch of pouches (one mini ghost whale was Not Enough) and I also got a Maker's Bag.

    I admit, I was dubious. Yes, good, laptop space, organisation, but... I don't love messenger bags. They hurt my shoulders. I was berating myself from being lured in by the name (the Western Flyer is ALWAYS trying to trick me like this) because I am, in fact, a "maker" as we are called now, being someone who draws, paints, sews, knits, etc. Anyway the bag arrived. Obviously it's horribly useful. And very handsome. And the first day I took it out.... Wow. That hip belt SAVES me. I love it extremely and forever and will NEVER use another messesnger bag. I pop that belt on and all the shoulder pain just disappears. And all the O rings!

    Currently: medium clear organiser pouch holding all my coloured pencils and other art-related pencil-shaped things. Small clear organiser pouch holding index cards that I use to draw and paint on. Mini organiser pouch holding my sewing kit. super Mini ghost whale holding my cash. super Mini ghost whale holding my headphones. Self-made super mini pocket holding all my cards. My big watercolour kit fits in one of the side pouches and the sketchbook in the zippered pocket. And a chico bag in a pouch.

    And it could be heavy! but it's not!

    This could have been written by me, lol. I have 6 of the darn things because that hip belt saves my back. (And I love the easy zipper-free access!).

    I must admit though, my new amore at the moment is the Parental Unit, which I am currently trying to figure out how to rig with a--you guessed it--waist strap. Barring that, I've got a grab bag tucked into one of the PU pockets I can throw my essentials in for longer, shoulder-aggravating trips.

    P.S. If you didn't know, they're planning to update the MB with a back slip pocket, so before you do what I did and get 5 more, you might want to hold out for that


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      Oh, and by the way, this shoulder strap goes GREAT with it (better than the SOS strap in my opinion, though those are good too).

      My only complaint is that it's a touch too long for me at 5'2, but still perfectly usable and very comfortable.


        Surrealle do you find that the plastic connectors dig into your chest at all, if worn as a crossbody?


          Originally posted by user292372 View Post
          Surrealle do you find that the plastic connectors dig into your chest at all, if worn as a crossbody?
          No, I haven't had an issue with that. It's a very comfy strap, in my experience.