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SCB in Red blend with Portable Culture label?

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    SCB in Red blend with Portable Culture label?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the SCB was ever made in Red Blend at the time TB was doing the portable culture label? Trying to look for one but not sure if it exists!

    You can buy a Small or Medium Cafe bag right now in Red Blend with the Portable Culture label, though there are only a few left. TB reintroduced 1000D Cordura this summer and one of the colors that was brought back was Red Blend.

    Note that the current PC label says "Since 1972 Portable Culture". Red Blend 1000d Cordura was initially introduced after TB changed their logo from simply "Portable Culture" to "Made in USA". When RB was introduced in 2014(ish), that's what the label would have been. In the next few years that label morphed into "Since 1972 Made in USA". IIRC, 1000D Cordura was retired before TB switched back to its current PC label.
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      Hi @Fukuromomonga

      To add a few details to the excellent answer given by Aeon, the original Portable Culture label was used from about mid-2004 through until early 2013. Red Blend was one of the Cordura colors that was introduced in a November 28, 2014 blog post: Limited Edition Small Cafe Bag Brights

      You can view pictures of these bags in the thread Love abounds over Curry (SCB). Here’s the Small Cafe Bag in Red Blend 1000d Cordura with Olive Parapack lining from that November 2014 release:

      Small Cafe Bag in Red Blend/Olive with Linen Daylight Briefcase and Steel Parapack Side Effect
      Small Cafe Bag in Red Blend/Olive with Linen Daylight Briefcase and Steel Parapack/Ultraviolet Side Effect. You can see the Cafe Bag label says “Made in USA”. Based on the orders made in response to that offering, with Azure and Red Blend selling out in the first two hours, new Cordura 1000d colors Red Blend, Azure, and Orange 152 were introduced into the lineup. When these fabrics restocked, all three size Cafe Bags (small, medium, and large) were made in the Red Blend/Olive combination. A few months later it was offered in Red Blend/Steel, and then for a long time following with a Navy Parapack interior.

      You should be aware that looking for older cafe bag combinations with Red Blend will affect your selection of interior colors/materials as well as the webbing strap options. Specifically, the webbing on the shoulder strap of the Cafe Bags at the time these bags were released is softer and not as thick or satiny as the current Cafe Bag straps. That has the advantage of making it possible to adjust the strap length for shorter individuals without cutting off the plastic shoulder pad (you can pass the strap and buckle section through the shoulder pad openings — something that is not possible with the current thicker shoulder pads), but a number of people prefer the texture of the current shoulder straps to the earlier webbing. For more details, see my post in the Did they change the material of their standard shoulder strap? thread from December 2018.

      The current Red Blend Cafe Bags have Dawn 210d Ballistic linings.



      ETA: The return of the words “Portable Culture” in the label took place at the end of April 2017, and was first featured on the Aeronaut 45. The announcement was actually an additional “small surprise” that Darcy hinted at in a thread titled Aeronaut, Parental Unit, and Sprout Design Updates Coming Soon! from April 2017 and this was also mentioned in a blog post on the History of Portable Culture (use this link in stead of the one quoted in the ok’d post).
      Originally posted by Darcy View Post
      Here's a recap of what debuted this evening:

      The updated Aeronaut 45 is available for order. See our blog post all about the updates.

      The updated Parental Unit and the new Wheelchair or Stroller Straps accessory are available for order. More details are here on the blog.

      We debuted our new Sketchbook & Pen.

      And the updated Aeronaut 45 marked the return of our Portable Culture logo label. Here's a blog post about the history of Portable Culture and here's a video in which Tom discusses the various logo labels we've used over the years.
      The Cafe Bags in 525d Ballistic Nylon started getting released in mid-July 2017, but I don’t know whether any of the Cordura Cafe bags sold just after the new label was released actually changed to “Since 1972 Portable Culture”

      There’s a little more description about the chronology of the Cafe Bag materials in my post in the January 2018 thread Was the Large Cafe Bag ever made in ballistic? (aka, Is this parapack?)

      The May 2021 preorder that offered the Large Cafe bag for the last time, along with a host of other Cafe Bags in Cordura supported options in Red Blend, Orange 152, Canary (that wasn’t added from the Small Cafe Bag Brights of 2014), and Mayura (which both Cristina and I think matches Azure). These colors also became options for Shop Bags, Trucks, and Snake Charmers, as well as pouches.
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