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Whats cooking?

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    Whats cooking?

    What sorts of goodies are cooking in ovens of Tom Bihn for the year ahead?
    Do I really need four bags?

    There are many, many bags in the works or at least planned, but there are only a few I can tell you about so far:

    Gym bag backpack
    Knitting, Diaper, and Laptop inserts for the LUX
    A new version of the Eclipse (basically a Brain Cell with a flap and various organizer pockets. Kind of like a micro-briefcase.)
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    Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.



      Nice to see the eclipse make a come back... I lent my small one out and can't get it back!

      Happy Holidays to all in Bihn land.
      Do I really need four bags?


        The gym bag sounds great! Would you consider making one that's solely a backpack rather than a convertible? What's your rationale for making it a two-in-one?


          Gym Pack

          Actually it doesn't really "convert" - it is a backpack specifically designed for people who go to the gym via bus, foot or bike.
          Let me know if you've any particular ideas.
          Also, I forgot to tell Darcy about the new line of laminated/molded closed-cell foam cases for Apple laptops: minimalist and chic, hopefully in cool fabrics and colors. They are as yet un-named and they are also our first "work-in" case: just unzip and you can work on your laptop without removing it from the case. No pockets, just sexy protection for your Mac.
          (If they are super popular, we might consider making them to fit some of the Vios or Dells or IBMs - whichever you PC people buy the most.)
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            Ideas for gym bag:
            - Separate smell-proof/waterproof compartments for shoes, and towel and sweaty clothes
            (I'm thinking of a bag where your dirty shoes and clothes will be as discreet as possible when you're taking public transport, but with an option of 'airing' and drying them if you're walking for long distances alone. Perhaps an exterior flap that can be unzipped to reveal a mesh pocket?)
            - Versatile enough to be used as an ordinary day pack.
            (Which means that the compartments holding the shoes and clothes should be easily cleaned or even removable.)
            - Versatile enough for sea and land sports
            - Streamlined and able to rest on my back without bouncing all over
            (In case I ever have to jog/run with it)
            - It would be nice if it could hold a yoga mat


              Why would someone go to the **GYM**carrying a yoga mat? Don't people buy their own yoga mats to use at HOME? I'd imagine that yoga classes provide yoga mats...... ?


                Some types of yoga are pretty strenuous and active. It's a bit more hygenic to use your own mat rather than the one the person in the previous class just drenched with their sweat.

                Also, I like to use my own mat because it is a little cushier and longer than the standard mats at many studios.

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                -Dr. Seuss


                  Another point that just came to mind... The gym bag should be compact enough to fit into the smallest coin-operated locker, which is often no bigger than a tiny cube.


                    It sounds like this would be perfect for someone who has to work in a uniform too. If it can hold shoes, dirty clothes, hygene stuff, and could fit in a locker it would be perfect. Some extra's that I have to take to store in my locker is a book, ipod, some paperwork, pens, phone, ect.. stuff people probably leave in a gym locker too. Although you would probably have to design it to fit a work shirt without wrinkling it somehow..

                    On the redesigned eclipse? I'm confused.. does a brain cell fit inside it, or is it a brain cell itself?
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                      Good idea about the work shirt. That would make it a really versatile gym/office bag that could be used whether you gym before or after work.


                        Workin/Workout Pack

                        My original concept doesn't have a place for something as big and flat as 8-1/2 x 11" paperwork or a folded shirt, but these are really good ideas and I will see what I can come up with.
                        Regards being small enough for those little locker cubes, that seems like an entirely different product to me. Or maybe a smaller version of the original product.
                        (The Eclispe required no Brain Cell: it was basically a Brain Cell with a large front pouch and cushy handles.)


                          gym bag

                          It sounds to me that the new Aeronaut is already pretty close to being a great gym bag.....