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Color coordinating yeomans

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    Originally posted by Boaz View Post
    I really like Steel 1050 and Burnt Orange 1050, but I LOVE Verde, so I’m probably going to get 2 Verdes and one each of the others. I plan on using the large for storage so that’ll be one of the Verdes. I have a black 1050 a45, otherwise I’d probably mix that in and go rainbow.
    1050d Ballistic Nylon Burnt Orange has a really nice sheen that you don’t see as much in the 525d Ballistic Nylon fabric. I was first really made aware of this when I got my Small Yeoman Duffel in Burnt Orange (I got the Mini Yeoman Duffel in Steel). If you like these textures and colors, you might consider getting a Pocket Pouch in one or more of these colors (They have Burnt Orange with Island, Northwest Sky and Wasabi, although Verde is currently sold out),When I ordered my Parental Unit, I added a Pocket Pouch in Burnt Orange / Northwest Sky, and a second one in Verde/Solaris.

    That’s them on the right:
    Pocket Pouches  next to Parental Unit


      Originally posted by moriond View Post
      That’s them on the right:
      Pocket Pouches next to Parental Unit
      A beautiful Tom Bihn rainbow!


        I ordered a mini verde and a small aubergine. I also wanted a mini burnt orange but then I realized they were scooby doo colors and it might be a bit much. Don't want folks to think I'm one of those meddling kids.

        I want another bag but am stumped. Another small or another mini? They're so useful!

        Then there's the question of what color... burnt orange or olive? red blend? A fun color also means most of the other people in my house are less likely to use my nice bag - though any orange would be at risk of my son snagging it.

        gah!! I'm spoiled for choice.


          thepatternslave - sounds like you need an orange as a gift for your son and a defensive maneuver to distract from one you keep for yourself
          I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


            I ordered a small Navy, top go with the mini and large Navy we already have at home. Somehow a small Burnt Orange one also made its way into the cart.

            I like to assign colors to people, so I got Aubergine and Burnt Orange minis for my kids last year.


              I have ended up with just 1 repeat color in our family of Yeoman. We have Aubergine and Coyote minis and Navy and Steel smalls presently. I have pre-ordered a Black medium and an Aubergine large. I almost did a Verde large instead, but I have a different brand duffle in a similar color, and I wanted to be able to tell that one apart quickly. The repeat Aubergine is because that's my wife's preferred color, and it won't be hard to distinguish from her mini!

              My preferred color is Navy, and that's the color of my A45. Easy to tell the difference between the A45 and small YD, even in the same color.

              My wife also has an Aubergine A30, but again, there's little risk of confusion as to which bag is which since mini-YD, A30, and large-YD are quite distinct.

              The dog's stuff will go in the Coyote or Steel, depending on how long the trip is, and how much food we're bringing for her. Other random shared stuff can go in either of those or the medium Black or large Aubergine YDs.
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