I'm in the market for a new laptop. Since I adore my Indigo Brain Bag so dearly, one of the main criteria I'm using to pick the laptop is whether it can fit well in my beloved Brain Bag.

Since I am a computer person, I wrote a program to check the dimensions of my prospective 12 laptops against each of the 12 different sizes of Vertical/Horizontal Brain Cell/Cache available on-line. These laptops are all 14-15.6" widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) Dell, Asus, or HP laptops. While all of these laptops will fit in the Brain Bag, there does not seem to be a model of Brain Cell or Cache which will accommodate any of them snugly. I can provide model numbers and dimensions if anyone is interested.

It's highly likely that the majority of Tom Bihn customers use Apple computers, so there may not be demand for additional models of the Brain Cell/Cache. Are there any plans for newer models of the Brain Cell/Cache which can snugly accommodate the newer 16:9 form factor for PC laptops?