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Does anyone else long for bags that they probably won't use?

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    Originally posted by moriond View Post
    If you want to “buy the color” and get a sample of current 1050d Ballistic Nylon/ Halcyon color combinations, the recently restocked
    Pocket Pouch product page has a great selection of color combos.
    This makes my Pocket Pouch and blue/blue combo loving heart so happy. Tried for years to get multiple Navy PPs but only managed to get one Navy/Iberian PP and then a Navy/Island PP last year. Just bought all the other Navy combos that I do not have - Tidal, Solaris and Northwest Sky
    Night Walk Synik 22, Night Walk Daylight Backpack, everything Acuity and Fjord


      Originally posted by thepatternslave View Post
      yes. I know perfectly well I do not need a DLBC. but damn if I don't pop one in my cart every time I'm on the site. I'm waiting for one with a happy interior color and either a deep blue, black 400, seapine, or verde exterior.
      So funny because I also do this with a LOT of items! Travel trays and organizer pouches... I've got all I need and then some, but I keep thinking that a few more might be nice. I do have the good sense to remove them before checking out, usually.


        I've had ups and downs with my budget over the last few years-(left a nonprofit gig, went back to public k-12 teaching, bought a house, took care of my mom, left a job, pandemic, got a new job)- it's all been a lot. And well.... TB bags make me really happy. I like the design, I like the colors, and I really like the feel of the fabrics. If I have the funds, I've been buying. Simple as that. Am I going to keep all of them forever? Probably not. I sold/gave away several Timbuk2 bags about a year ago- and it made me happy to pass on a well made bag to people I love/could use them/would appreciate it.

        Life is ridiculously short- and I think well-made, beautiful things matter. So-if you want to test out a bag, buy it and flip it (if it doesn't work). Or get a used one.
        Current favorites: I dig burnt orange, sangria, and moabthe best. <3


          Originally posted by Jlange View Post
          Life is ridiculously short- and I think well-made, beautiful things matter.
          Yesss! In more ways than one. About a decade ago, we sold our home and nearly all of our possessions to leave an area that was familiar, comfortable, secure, but that we hated. With two young children in tow, we rented a "home base" in a beautiful area and then explored for a long time until we found exactly what we were looking for. Life is ridiculously short, and beautiful things, people (talking about inside beauty here), places, and experiences DO matter. TB bags just give you something beautiful to pack it in... well, except for those beautiful people, of course.