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Synik 22 and pilot questions

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  • G42
    Here's some input for your consideration Chan74 - you may have read it all already, but it could be helpful for other folks with similar questions.

    The original blog post announcing the Syniks is worth a careful read and includes links to videos and to quite a few reviews from these Forums and elsewhere.

    Including the FAQ https://www.tombihn.com/blogs/main/synik-faq
    including wearing high/low https://www.tombihn.com/blogs/main/synik-faq#highlow

    Likewise, the full product pages themselves have a lot of good info in the full descriptions, not just the materials & specs part.

    It's also worth revisiting the TB point of view on load lifters, minimal frame day packs etc
    A design of Tom's from the early-mid 1980s that had load lifters: the Wild Limpet. In use, Tom found that the load lifters didn't do much for this pack (except distorting the shape of it) because it didn't have a frame. Load lifters are somewhat ubiquitous on large internal frame and external frame packs and, on those


    and shoulder straps

    In the über-cush world we find ourselves in, we may sometimes like to imagine that a heavy backpack can be worn over many hours and many trail miles with no discomfort. As some of the techies and engineers who design this stuff (not to mention that we test our packs out in the wild, often with quite heavy loads, and li

    Directory General Questions Why is it called the Synik? There's also a "Nik's Minimalist Wallet". Does Nik have a really big head/ego/whatever? Why is the Synik more expensive than the original Synapse? Can you share more about the fabric choices that the Synik is offered in? How much does the Synik weigh vs. the Synap

    The bag dimensions between the Synpase 19 and Synik 22 are the same side to side and overall height. The difference is in the front to back depth (same relationship with the Synase 25/Synik 30).
    The Syniks have integrated partial frames (though they can be removed) and that rigidity, along with carrying a laptop, may change how the bag looks/feels when loaded, as will using a sternum strap and/or a waist strap.
    With all that being said, the bag is somewhat egg shaped so if you stuff it completely full, it'll look similar to a stuffed Synapse, just a bit different because it's deeper and has a frame.

    With regards to the Pilot, the product page indicates it's moved to the new zippers. https://www.tombihn.com/products/pil...41335371694269

    # 8 and # 10 YKK Racquet-Coil water-repellent zippers

    Note that both the previous Aquaguard and the new RC DWR are all water REPELLENT, not water PROOF, so that might change your consideration. They designed to protect from casual water contact (spills, some rain), not submersion or inundation.

    The blog post you mentioned and the further info in the Materials Glossary https://www.tombihn.com/pages/materials#zippers can help you identify what zippers are on your current Pilot.
    If you have the Aquaguard, it's possible that the coating could be degraded from time.

    I currently live in a dry climate, so never worry about the zippers. When I lived in Philadelphia and foot commuted in the rain, I had a rain cover (Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil) for my S19 that I carried and used if it was truly pouring out and I'd be walking for some time. Light rain and short amounts of time were never an issue for me, YMMV.
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  • Chan74
    started a topic Synik 22 and pilot questions

    Synik 22 and pilot questions

    Hello everyone,

    I'm interested in a Synik22 and was hoping current owners could help with some answers. I currently have a GR1 21L and a Mystery Ranch Urban Assault 21. (Yes, I'm a bag nerd). I have other Tom Bihn bags and love the 525d fabric and organization and wanted to add a Synik to the mix. I also like the fact that I can dedicate a separate compartment for my water bottle. Neither of my other bags has this and I get really paranoid about a water battle near my electronics.

    1. Is the Synik supposed to be worn low? I see all the people using them on the website having them pretty low on their back. I understand that this is not a Goruck and will not ride at shoulder level, but does it really need to hang out near your belt? Both the Goruck and Mystery Ranch can ride pretty high and this would be a change for me.

    2. How tapered is the Synik 22 in width compared to the synapse? I have a tall laptop which does not fit in a synapse because of the taper at the top. (I tried one out). Both the Goruck and Mystery Ranch are boxy rectangles, so they're easier to match dimensions.

    3. Is an egg shape inevitable when fully packed?

    4. Finally, if anyone else has these other bags, how do you compare strap comfort between them and the Synik?

    Many Thanks!

    Finally, an unrelated question - I have a pilot and I read this article - https://www.tombihn.com/blogs/main/zipper-updates. This mentions various bags that are getting zipper updates but the pilot is not one of them. It says it has a racquet coil water repellent zipper, but when I poured a cup of water on it, the zipper leaked significantly. Does this mean it does not have a DWR coating yet? Does the old school carry-all have the new zippers? I might have to replace my pilot..