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Synapse 25 - nebulous grey and….

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    Synapse 25 - nebulous grey and….

    Sorry folks, another colour question.

    My recent Tristar purchase has reminded me how much a love TB bags. I destashed a lot over the pandemic.

    I'm tempted by an S25 again and despite not liking the easily scuffed ballistic 525, I’m tempted by the Nebulous grey. And the cherry on top is 3 awesome secondary colours!!! Spoilt for choice.

    Island Blue, Solaris Yellow and Sangria Red

    I’m most tempted by Solaris and closely by Sangria. Any thoughts on this combo with Grey?

    Group think required please! Thanks in advance.

    Aeronaut 45 (Navy/NWS), A30 (Black/Island), Tristar (Steel/Island), Western Flyer (Steel/Island), Pilot (Steel/Island), Synapse 25 (Mars Red/NWS), Synapse 19 (Black/Island) & (Burnt Orange/Steel), Ristretto 11 (Navy/Steel), Small Cafe Bag (Navy/Steel) & (Mars Red/Dawn), Daylight Briefcase (Cloud/Dawn), Side Kick (Mars Red/Dawn), Travel Cubelet (Mars Red)

    I love Solaris, and the fabric. While I like the sangria color, I am not a fan of the fabric, it feels cheap to me. Island just isn't my thing. Blue isn't supposed to be that vivid imo. But yellow is.
    Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is my Black Halcyon Zeitgeist with a Cobalt Cerylon 3DOC as my "purse"/


      Of your choices I like the Nebulous Grey with Solaris the best. If you look at the Synik 22 on the TB website it is shown in Nebulous Grey with both Island and Solaris linings.

      The only Neb Grey I own is the recycled version. I held it up to island, solaris and sangria and thought the solaris really popped. Like sturbridge I like the sangria color but much prefer the feel of the halcyon fabric
      I also preferred the look of the solaris/grey versus sangria/grey so solaris was a double win for me. I love island with black halcyon....


        Heh, I guess personal preferences vary

        I'm not into blue, but I have a LCB in Nebulous Grey 630 Recycled / Island 210 Ballistic and I think it's an elegant combination. Attached is a photo w/ a Nebulous Grey 525 Ghost Whale and a Sangria All-Fabric 3DOC, if that helps. I can see Nebulous Grey / Sangria working, too. I don't have anything Solaris to compare it to.

        Click image for larger version

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          Thanks all (and dirkhaun for the photo).

          This is really helpful. It reminded me that I’ve owned Steel 1050 and Island, Old Solar and Iberian combinations in the past. I was wracking my brains to remember what I preferred then as it’s a reasonable comparison.

          I'm definitely leaning into the Solaris option. It just ‘calls’ to me.

          Nebulous/Solar Synapse 25 is in stock but the same colours in Synik 30 are in production. This is the next dilemma!
          Aeronaut 45 (Navy/NWS), A30 (Black/Island), Tristar (Steel/Island), Western Flyer (Steel/Island), Pilot (Steel/Island), Synapse 25 (Mars Red/NWS), Synapse 19 (Black/Island) & (Burnt Orange/Steel), Ristretto 11 (Navy/Steel), Small Cafe Bag (Navy/Steel) & (Mars Red/Dawn), Daylight Briefcase (Cloud/Dawn), Side Kick (Mars Red/Dawn), Travel Cubelet (Mars Red)


            I have the Synapse 19 in Nebulous Gray and Solaris. For a comparison to the colors you have had, I prefer Nebulous Gray over Steel, it’s more a true dark gray and Steel always seemed a bit green tinted to me.

            Solaris is a nice option, but I much much prefer the old Solar. Solar was a brighter color, and a much nicer yellow. Solaris isn’t anything I would reject a bag for, but it’s a bit darker and kind of muddier if that makes sense.

            That said, I really love the combo in my Synapse and it sounds like you would too. So it’s just a matter of deciding which capacity and organization style would work best, the Synapse or Synik.
            Rambling On. . . . .


              Sharing my S25 in Nebulous Grey/Island Blue for additional context. My fondness with this color combination has grown steadily through it's first year (to the point of adding a splash of Island on the outside via zipper pulls).

              Good luck!


                Welcome to the Forums mlirving !

                I have a Luminary 15 in Nebulous Grey/Island Ballistic, it is a really nice combo 🙂
                I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...