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spilled syrup in the lux

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    spilled syrup in the lux

    i wanted to share an unusual story. or perhaps it isn't so unusual...

    i made some gulab jamun (a north indian dessert that is served in a yummy syrup) and was carrying them in a pyrex dish which has a cover that i know isn't leak proof. i thought i was carrying the bag such that the gulab jamun container would be flat enough. but when i took the gulab jamun out, i found that the bottom of the lux had a nice pool of syrup.

    the gulab jamun were okay, and the syrup didn't leak out of the bag.

    i used a mild dish soap and water and poured some into the lux and agitated the solution. it was quite amazing to see how the lux held the water. there was a little bit coming out, likely at the seams because they are stitched - so that is expected. but the urethane coating inside was preventing the water from going through - very cool!

    i then rinsed the lux and let it hang to dry. my lux was as good as it before - perhaps better now that it's had a bath!

    i will need to remember to go back and apply nikwax to it.

    fortunate for klutz's everywhere, tom bihn bags are pretty resilient to spills. just be careful with anything that might stain. a soup or other dish in which you've put turmeric may end up looking a bit more colorful than it did before the spill!

    Mmm, gulab juman! Good to know your LUX cleaned up so quickly, maverick! If anyone has a similar problem -- and there's a lingering smell -- MiraZyme Odor Eliminator is worth a try.
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