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Brighter interior color prefs (sitka, solaris, wasabi, UV) - future availability?

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    Brighter interior color prefs (sitka, solaris, wasabi, UV) - future availability?

    I have been trying to catch up through forum posts, but I'm still a bit confused. It seems like there was a halcyon shortage, but I can't assess to what extent colors like wasabi/UV/etc. are being phased out vs. just difficult to obtain currently? At the same time, I'm glad to see colors like Sitka make a reappearance, but I can only find it available in one bag currently (Synapse 25, but it's not a bag I need).

    I have a preference for darker exteriors like steel/nebulous grey with brighter interiors (sitka, solaris, wasabi, UV, etc.). I'm debating the Tristar (nebulous/fjord), even though I would prefer a brighter interior. I'm in no rush to purchase it, but I don't think sitka has ever been paired w/ steel/nebulous, and if wasabi/UV/etc. are discontinued, perhaps I should cave?

    Hey monaheel it can be hard to keep up because so much has been in flux due to supply chain issues

    The mill that made the 400d halcyon closed, they haven't found a new source yet (so that's not looking good 😞)
    All the Nightwalk is done, there are only a few bags with it left


    In this blog post (January 2020) they say they'll be cycling through more colours overall of 200d Halcyon, but that was before the pandemic changed everything

    The 200d is still being produced and ordered but TB has had to be careful at different points, because things like port backlogs have delayed shipments for months at a time

    There's a reply to a comment on this blog post from December 2021 about it


    And this is the August 2021 blog update where they say that NWSky and Island will be standard and most other colors will come and go... And which ones were running low, including Sitka...


    Since then, Wasabi ran out during the knitting preorder and Ultraviolet appears to be done; there are some things in inventory but I don't think it showed as in production since the knitting pre-order.
    Sitka is also low/almost gone I believe.

    Moab has since been introduced and Zest and Fjord made a comeback

    Hopefully this helps a little with history...
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    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...