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The perfect camera bag

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    The perfect camera bag

    Hi All - I own several TB bags and currently use a a Lowepro bag with for my work as a pro photographer. I use a traveltow with it (http://www.traveltow.com/) - excellent ergonomics

    But Im a very fussy bag man, this is the closest bag that is really good at doing what I need it for, but Ive been through two of them in a year and a half and I think TB could design a better version of this. I know all photogs are bag obsessed and willing to spend money on the perfect one.

    Just wondered if you had any plans to bring out a camera bag like this and if so I would love to help:



    Stuart Conway Photographer Based in the Uk and working globally. Tonshi creative ltd

    i'd love to see a camera bag solution from TB, but needs vary so much from one photographer to another. i currently have 3 bags for my photography needs.

    one is a suitcase from lowepro (i think it's the pro roller 1) in which i carry: 2 slr's, a 70-200mm lens, a 24-70mm lens, a 16-35mm lens, a light meter, a quantum flash, a canon flash, a quantum battery, various other batteries, sync cords, cleaning supplies, monopod, tools, compact flash media, protein bars, and a few other things. it's a bit heavy, but it holds most everything i need. here is a link:

    one is a shoulder bag from tenba (PD-15C) that holds most critical needs, nice for smaller gigs, but it's a bit bulky. it holds 2 slrs, the 70-200mm lens, the 24-70mm or 16-35mm lens, the quantum battery, canon flash, cleaning supplies, compact flash media, and other misselaneous things. i could carry my laptop in this, but i usually don't. here is a link:

    one is a fairly small and light bag from tamrac that holds 1 slr, the 24-70mm or 16-35mm lens, the quantum battery, canon flash, compact flash media. this is nice when i'm not working and just want a camera with me. it's a bit tight for what i carry in it, but it's a nice small bag for when i am not working but i want my camera with me. i don't have a link for this one - i've had this bag for ever.

    so here is what i look for in a camera bag:
    1. easy access to equipment / sane organization of equipment.
    2. protection for my equipment.
    3. durability.
    4. reasonable weight.
    5. space for what i need to carry.

    if TB is going to target one of these areas, i would say target the medium bag market or the small bag market. i looked at a lot of bags when i bought the medium sized bag and suitcase. i hesitated with the large backpacks that roll and hold close to what my suitcase holds. the suitcase made sense to me because though it's big, i have easy access to all of my equipment. i have pretty good access to my equipment in the tenba bag. but it's not ideal, and as i mentioned, it's a bit bulky. i was really thirsting for a TB design when i bought this tenba bag.

    keep in mind that each person is going to carry different equipment, so there is a need for some configurability. this configurability needs to be easy to setup and also reliable. in each of these cases, the designer has used velcro. i'm not sure if that's the best solution or what alternatives exist, but that is what i see overwhelmingly in the design of camera bags.

    okay, enough rambling for one afternoon.



      A Niche Within The Forrest

      Several companies already make quite effective dedicated camera bags. The ideal Tom Bihn niche would be to do for small pro-summer cameras, what they did for the laptops. Camera cells for going inside existing Tom Bihn luggage. As a case in point. When traveling for short pleasure trips, I'm now in the habit of using the Super Ego with my Nikon CP5K stuffed losely in the main compartment along with my iBook. The Wide adapter is also stuffed in there in it's own pouch and SB24 + Bat packs also loose .That's too much risk IMHO. I'd realy like to see a variety of padded "component" modules - generically brick shaped -4 HD foam or neoprene padded walls. I see this alot inside tactical luggage such as used by SWAT Ops. Soemtimes I'll use wraps on my gear but they are a hassle to undo quickly. If these inner 'cells' are removeable- that would allow for customizable arrays- kinda like Tom Biihn 'Lego'


        How about inserts?

        One solution would be to sell a camera insert that would affix to the inside of a Bihn bag using the connectors already there for the laptop sleeves.


          One solution would be to sell a camera insert that would affix to the inside of a Bihn bag using the connectors already there for the laptop sleeves.
          Ooh, that's a good idea. I love my ID, but I don't have a laptop. I do have a camera, though. And it always bugged me that such handy attach-ers were going to waste with no laptop. Tom, you can't resist this opportunity to make your bags MORE multifunctional, can you?


            A camera bag would be really great.

            It would be neat if there was a type of bag for pro users, as well as not so pro users. That way there wouldn't have to be compromises for both groups in one type of bag.

            For pro users, a insert the size of a brain cell would be pretty cool, There could be a pocket on the top that runs the length of the bag, that could be easy to access to the camera and most used accessorys within the host bag. Then assuming the bag is sort of rectangular shaped like a brain cell, you could remove it to acess the accesory pockets beneath the main one, or carry it around standalone like the cell. Since the brain bag can hold two laptop slips, it could be possible to hold a camera and a laptop.

            A less pro version could be simular to a snake charmer I guess.


              Traveling Photographer

              I too travel with a decent amount of photo gear and I too have purchased the Lowepro Pro Roller 1. I have a need for a piece of soft luggage that I can pack enough clothes for a few days and is durable enough that it can be checked in along with my Gitzo tripod in a Manfrotto padded tripod bag. I bring along my Bihn Buzz bag for the Leica M6 and assorted lenses when I get on location or I carry a Domke bag flat for the D200s, lenses, and the Buzz holds a smaller laptop. It would be nice if this soft clothing bag could clip into a system of clips that were set up to fit around any rectangular rolling piece of luggage irregardless of its contents. I hate having to roll two rolling pieces of luggage around the airport at the same time while slinging the tripod bag on one shoulder and a Super Ego on the other! Maybe it's time to hire Sherpas but to be able to attach a bag to the Pro Roller would make manuevering through airports less of a hassle.
              (2)Buzz/SuperEgo/Aeronaut/Empire/(3)Brain Cells