I realise that I am at serious risk of appearing mad, or, at least a sycophant, but I am so impressed by my Ristretto that I can't help telling people about it. One thought that keeps coming back to me is a little tail of a bag by another manufacturer. Back in 1984, when I was still at school, I bought a rucksack from a great little shop called the Practical Camper, in Sandwich in Kent (that's England, by the way). The bag was in 1000d cordura, just like my Ristretto; it was chocolate and orange, just like my Ristretto; and it was hand stitched in a small factory, like my Ristretto (though in that case it was in Harrogate Yorkshire). The Practical Camper is long gone, and if I bought a bag by the same company today, it would be run up in the far east. OK, it might be cheaper now, but here's the thing. It, again like my Ristretto, came with a 'Lifetime Guarantee'. So, as long as I own the bag, and I can show 'proof of purchase', if it should ever fail, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. So, I kept the receipt, and 26 years later I still have it. The bag has travelled the world with me, hiking, hitch-hiking, by train, rail, plane, bike and at 150mph on a motorbike, but it has yet to fail! When I look at the quality of materials and construction of my Ristretto, I can see myself saying the same thing in 2036 (although, given my condition, I doubt I'll still be around by then).