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What's your 2011 TOM BIHN Wish List?

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  • Colorado
    --+1 on a larger wallet

    -- +1 as well on a TB "paper bag" as I believe someone put it. A non-laptop briefcase. I'm using a Zephyr pretty happily for that now, but I'd be interested in a bag more specifically designed for how I work.

    --the ability to choose organizer pouch colors. You did I fine job of trying to meet my requests--which I appreciate--but I'd like to pick my own colors.

    --my personal wish list includes posting enough to be considered a FOT by next Christmas :-)

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  • Kinsale
    Thanks for asking.

    I would love the TB wallet with the ultrasuede dividers supersized to hold boarding passes and itineraries and a passport. That would be awesome, and very practical, too.

    I would also really like a cafe type bag that's been "feminized" a little. Sometimes the thick black strap and plastic buckle just isn't the look I'm going for, especially when I travel with just one purse. I saw the cafe bag you had in Punch and Wasabi and it's cute. If you take that as the starting point included some darker colors with lighter interiors and tweeked the hardware just a bit, I'd be thrilled. Steel exterior with Punch interior would nice.

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  • backpack
    Falconea says:

    An insulated bag.

    I currently often buy a hot chicken and wrap it up in 2 Utility Totes and their insulating effect is marvellous! With 3 layers of 100D cordura and a simple zip I think you'd have an excellent insulated bag.

    I currently carry my LifeFactory bottles (filled with my breakfast milk) in a Large Stuff Sack"

    Instead of 3 layers of Cordura, 1 Layer of Cordura, 1 of Dyneema and 1 or 2 of Clear Urethane would be better.
    A splash proof zipper would be great.

    The same fabric layers could be used for the insulated water bottle holder.
    Essentially a Stuff Sack with splash proof zippers sort of an elongated Kit with outside O rings to hold the simple strap.

    It would be great to have them in different colors, especially the bottle holders since one could be for tea/chocolate/coffee/latte, all are not pet friendly and only chocolate is child friendly.
    And one for water, a beverage suitable for everybody.

    2 sizes, one for the 22 ml and one for the 11 ml LifeFactory bottle would be great!

    I also think that one smaller size for the Lifefactory baby bottles would be appreciated by parents, especially paired with the Parental Unit.
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  • scotlib

    One of the first threads I ever posted on, I think, was about an "Aeronette," a slightly smaller version of that great Aeronaut.

    I've made a trip with the Aeronaut, as well as with a couple of other bags, and the elusive "perfect" bag is still out there .. somewhere .. sometime .. for me.

    I think I really want a bag that is no longer than 20". Eighteen is too short, 22 is too long ...

    Weight is consideration, not just length. I look at the Tri-Star, and I look again, and again .. and the extra weight turns me around from actually buying. The WF and TS have inner walls, if I remember correctly, adding weight. I do think something like the Aeronaut with only Dyneema inside for dividers.

    Oh, well, just wishing :-)

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  • blackfungi
    a little wish i have is for the shopping bag to have one of them clip thingy so that i can hang my shopping bag onto the o rings we find in many tom binh bags. i can easily fold the shopping bag and then put an elastic band around the final bundle and then hang this bundle neatly inside any tom binh bag, this way the shopping bag is always at hand for anything.

    also more poron next year!!!!!! anywhere!!!

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  • falconea
    Here's my wish list:

    New products:

    Something along the lines of a Domke Wrap. It's a square of padded fabric with velcro in the corners, allowing you to wrap and protect things, especially camera lenses. Most of those available are too thickly padded - options in just Dyneema and also Dyneema lined with ultra-suede would be good. Adding the fuzzy part of the velcro as a cross from corner to corner of the outside would allow full flexibility. It would be used for camera lenses, and also to group oddly shaped items such as camera hot shoes and cables. I would also use it for jewellery. :+> It would need to be available in several sizes and also ideally several colours - cordura may also work as an exterior fabric.

    An insulated bag. I currently often buy a hot chicken and wrap it up in 2 Utility Totes and their insulating effect is marvellous! With 3 layers of 100D cordura and a simple zip I think you'd have an excellent insulated bag.

    A lightweight, foldable duffel in Dyneema with splashproof zippers. Must have capacity for adding padlock for use as checked luggage. A method to stow the straps to prevent damage in the luggage handling systems would also be great, or a flat style handle like those on the ends of the Tristar might also work. I'd use this as an over-flow bag when travelling - I currently use an old cotton canvas army duffel which works well but after many years is starting to fall apart, and the handles are tearing off. If my luggage overflows I use this to check things like dirty washing. This bag could probably double as the gym bag on other people's wish lists. Heck, it could even be made as a giant stuff sack and still work!

    Variations on existing products:

    A Freudian Slip for the Synapse might be nice to have - must hold A4 papers.

    A new size (or two) of the Yarn Stuff Sack. I currently carry my LifeFactory bottles (filled with my breakfast milk) in a Large Stuff Sack in the Synapse bottle pocket. This protects the Synapse from condensation and any possibility of leaks. (My previous milk bottle once went in with the lid on wrong and leaked about a cup of milk into the bag - the stuff sack contained nearly all of it!) A stuff sack that's a little less oversized for this job would be good. Sealed seams would be fantastic, but not essential - I know I'm weird transporting milk around. (The milk is my breakfast at work - I leave home too early for breakfast at home.)

    An A3 sized Organiser Pouch would find uses here, but I doubt that anyone else would have uses for it. I'd want it to be big enough to hold a full ream of A3 paper.

    Eagerly anticipated:

    Camera Insert
    A5 and A4 sized Field Journal

    That's my wish list! I'm more than happy to test sample products! :+>


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  • KarlJ
    I enjoy being surprised by Tom Bihn innovation and design when something new comes along. Then I get to marry a purpose or need to that product.

    But since this is a wish list, I suppose my ultimate wish would be that Navy replace Indigo (unless of course, both colors could somehow co-exist). I thought Sapphire was a tough act to follow… and while Indigo seems to have proven a hit, I believe the Aeronaut and Tri-Star would look stunning in Navy. Much like the Brain Bag and Synapse do.

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  • gmanedit
    If the gym bag had mesh panels, it could do double duty as a cat carrier.

    Meow, and happy new year.

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  • Abita
    My wish list...

    Gym bag!

    A Kindle case.

    The camera insert.

    Anything in Iberian...I love that color.

    Happy new year!

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  • lavarock
    I 2nd Mtnman on the garment sleeve (for aeronaut esp). Traveling to the mainland from Hawaii w/ business clothes would be that much less of a hassle. Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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  • wyldrose
    Packing cubes sized specifically for the messenger bags and backpacks.

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  • maverick
    Originally posted by Darcy View Post
    Tell us what you would like to see from us in 2011.
    ...for you and tom to come to the next tom bihn fest! ...date and location to be determined...

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  • Shiva
    a lightweight foldable duffle bag. i find myself carrying the shop bag everywhere, and would carry a duffle bag to bring back stuff. Simple foldable one in dyneema with the option of being able to attach a shoulder strap.

    2. O-rings in convertible shoulder bags and backpacks would be a great addition. I live and die by the O-rings as you all know!

    3. I think the group of products right now are a winner--so feel it is important to stay with them and not over extend really!! So I differ from others in this! Instead of "product specific bags" I prefer bags that can be used for different purposes...so I like the Medium cafe bag and will just add a cache to store my small laptop. What I would like to see is a redesign of the shoulder strap for the Small and Medium cafe bags so that we can attach shoulder straps to them if needed--when we use them for smaller laptops. My sense is that more and more folks will carry Ipads and Macbook airs--and we will need better shoulder straps than what is currently offered for these.

    Great products; and I wish you all the very best for 2011!

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  • gmich
    +1 on the Freudian Slip (or something like it) for the Synapse.

    More bright colors for bag exteriors.

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  • timarelay
    - Mini Cafe Bag

    - Lightweight duffel. I'm happy with something with a few frills or a really lightweight no-frills bag. Just something that's comfortable to carry but easily packed as a spare bag.

    - Freudian slip type thing for the Synapse

    - Synapse in Crimson! Actually, that can wait till 2012 or 2013 when I let myself buy a new one. I do love the steel but not long after I bought mine I saw a crimson one in the wild and it was love at first IRL sight.

    - Simple lunch bag. I've started packing snacks for myself when I travel and a simple lightly insulated pouch that would fit in my synpase would be wonderful.

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