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What's your 2011 TOM BIHN Wish List?

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    A smaller version of the snake charmer made for the more compact bags (read: synapse)!


      To rabergnc and Maria: I assure you that the current Co-Pilot certainly does fit an 11" MBA in a Cache. A tight fit mind you, especially since I also carry an iPad in a Saddleback Leather Co. case in the same main pocket. There is essentially no room remaining but everything feels very well-protected.

      Here is my heretical suggestion for 2011: as much as a new bigger Pilot might be nice, the Co-Pilot would make the perfect lightweight carry for MBA 11" and iPad or Kindle if it were a mere 1" wider. In a perfect world it would be 0.5 to 1" deeper also, but maybe that's just me.

      Suggestion #2. If I were Tom I would neither eat nor sleep until I had designed the perfect and absolutely optimized slim briefcase for the 13" MBA + essentials. Is that the Pilot? I do not think so.


        Originally posted by backpack View Post
        Instead of 3 layers of Cordura, 1 Layer of Cordura, 1 of Dyneema and 1 or 2 of Clear Urethane would be better.
        A splash proof zipper would be great.
        3 layers of Cordura would offer enough insulation. I don't think Dyneema or Urethane would offer the same insulation and the bag would then become bulky with having to add other insulation.



          Originally posted by Kinsale View Post
          I would love the TB wallet with the ultrasuede dividers supersized to hold boarding passes and itineraries and a passport. That would be awesome, and very practical, too.
          Yes, please! That's a wonderful idea!



            Originally posted by falconea View Post
            Yes, please! That's a wonderful idea!

            Yes, yes, yes!!! An excellent idea.



              Improved Brain Bag

              I would like to see an improved (or different version) Brain Bag which would include:
              1-Replacing the front exterior pockets with 2 larger ones that can actually hold something

              2-Side water bottle pockets

              3-The option of buying it in ballistic nylon or Cordura.

              4-Thicker backpack straps.

              5-Red interior to help one find things inside the bag better.


                I second the idea of adding external water bottle pocket(s) to the Brain Bag. Other than that feature, I think the Brain Bag is close to perfect!


                  Originally posted by MtnMan View Post
                  1: As mentioned in a previous thread and in a Maverick video, I would like to see the rumored Tom Bihn Garment Sleeve. In short, I would like an elegant, high-quality way to carry a full suit with sport coat in an Aeronaut or Tri-Star without having to rely on aftermarket accessories from other companies.

                  4: How about a simple utilitarian duffel bag, no frills, like Red Oxx Aviator Duffels, but with one important difference from the Red Oxx offerings: I would like to see Bihn duffels with built-in hooks for the Absolute Shoulder Strap (Red Oxx Aviators offer no shoulder strap compatibility) and maybe an internal o-rings for attaching key straps and organizer pouches. The objective would be to offer a simple, inexpensive duffel for utilitarian and travel use. It would be better than the Red Oxx Aviator or BAD's carry duffel options though maybe not as elaborate as Timbuktu's Stuffle Duffel or Hemlock Duffel.

                  7: Also: I wonder if Tom Bihn could design a carry-on-capable suit travel bag to directly compete with the Patagonia MLC Burrito.
                  I second these proposition.

                  I also hope for a travel dog mat. Bottom side in dyneema, upper side in syntethic fur, sligthly padded for warmth and foldable with closing clips. Now I've one I take everywhere to make my dog sleep/sit on it, especially when I go to restaurant. Unfortunately, this mat's bottom side is not waterproof wich is really annoying in winter. As I cannot close it when folded, it always let dog's hair drop in my bags.


                    I'll add my voice to the ones asking for a gym/duffel bag.

                    Also, I like the idea of a wallet large enough to carry boarding passes and a passport. Any chance that Darcy's earlier request for an RFID reader for testing means that there will be a material available that blocks RFID signals? I would be very interested in having that available as an option for the current wallet and larger passport/boarding-pass wallet that's been suggested.


                      For 2011 I would like to see -
                      1. An Imago with an inside zippered pocket
                      2. A Swift backpack - or similar
                      3. An organizer pouch for circular knitting needles
                      4. FJN paper from banana fibers, sugar cane waste or bamboo


                        A couple of things that have come up in forum discussions:
                        - a padded pouch that has better proportions for eyeglasses (especially sunglasses)
                        - a more universally sized horizontal Freudian slip (e.g., to fit in the Imago or Swift)

                        And +1 for bluetrope's request for "the perfect and absolutely optimized slim briefcase for the 13" MBA + essentials."
                        Owner of Burnt Orange/Steel Daylight Briefcase , Burnt Orange/Steel Aeronaut 45, Black Dyneema/Wasabi Pilot, Crimson/Steel Western Flyer, Forest/Steel Zephyr, Olive/Cayenne Ristretto for iPad, Olive/Cork/Steel and Cardinal/Hemp/Steel Imago, Plum/Wasabi Side Effect, Nordic/Ultraviolet, Linen/Steel and Conifer/Steel SCB, Steel Breve, Plum/Black Swift, Steel FJN, and various packing cubes, organizer pouches, caches, and other odds and ends.


                          Originally posted by backpack View Post

                          A tallit/prayer shawl bag like an oversized Large Clear Organizer Pouch or an oversized 3D Clear Organizer Cube.

                          THIS! A THOUSAND TIMES THIS! I would definitely be interested in a "giant size" 3d organizer cube, or (ideally for me) an XL sized clear organizer pouch. Especially an XL organizer pouch in ultrasuede.


                            I am hoping 2011 brings

                            - A garment sleeve for packing suits in an Aeronaut.

                            - The camera insert

                            - Go bag, Go bag, Go bag


                              I think the Archetype was exactly the perfect slim, cool briefcase for slim thirteen inch computers. And in cork...sigh. Wish it would make a comeback!
                              Western Flyer (crimsom) with Absolute strap, Zephyr (black), Medium Cafe Bag (steel/olive), Shop Bags (solar, steel), Large Cafe bag (navy/cayenne), Small café bag (forest), Tristars (steel/solar and indigo/solar),Aeronaut (steel), Side Effects (old skool black cordura, olive parapack), Imagos (steel, cork, wasabi, and aubergine, hemp, steel), Dyneema Western Flyer (Nordic/Steel) and miscellaneous packing cubes, pouches, etc.


                                Originally posted by bunchgrass View Post
                                3. An organizer pouch for circular knitting needles
                                Oh yes, this in a heartbeat. And one that's good for straight and double-pointed needles as well.
                                Proud owner of a conifer/steel Synapse, indigo/black Swift, a couple of yarn stuff sacks, a clear organizer wallet and various organizer pouches