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Wow Synik 22 is Tiny

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    Wow Synik 22 is Tiny

    I ordered a Synik 30 last week and decided to downgrade it to a 22 before it shipped after reading about some airlines, specifically ones that I'm going to be flying with this summer cracking down on personal items and making people put them into the sizer. I got it last night and wow is it tiny. I have to send it back.

    I've read so many people that say the S22 was too big for EDC, and just how mammoth the S30 is, but as always one can never know until they see things in person. What is a giant bag is relative. I have an expectation for my bags to be large enough to flex for other types of use. The S22 is too small to use for travel for things like clothes. It's more like a big purse. I think the size makes the outer pockets less useful too.

    I'm going to upgrade to the S30 and just under pack it and hope for the best. $300+ bucks for a backpack is a lot and I feel the larger Synik is worth it. I have a beautiful black Halcyon Daylight Backpack and though the capacity is less than the S22 it feels bigger. I think it's all the external pockets on the S22 that make it feel so tiny to me.

    Hey Dreamer

    The 8L jump in size from SN22 to SN30 is noticeable but I think your point about the pockets is really the key driver for this style of bag.

    The Synapse/Synik bags are very organized and if that's the way someone's particular pack-out items and style align to, they are amazing bags!
    The Synik family in particular, with the built-in laptop area, luggage handle pass thru, and tie downs, is optimized for single bag travel/EDC if you're all about the nooks & crannies/everything in it's place style of packing.

    If you're more interested in using pouches/cubes and/or change-up the size/shape of things you want to carry, then the volume being apportioned to many smaller pockets vs more towards one main compartment, with only a bit of organization, becomes a big factor.

    So you may want to think over again what it is you normally carry (item/size/shape) and how you like to organize. If the labeled volume isn't fit for what/how you carry, then it's not going to work as well as a potentially smaller but less divided bag, as you note about the DLBP.

    I usually suggest that if the luggage pass through and internal tie-downs aren't a big driver (weight & cost), then seriously think whether the built in laptop compartment vs a cache or your own sleeve is a better choice. That would lead you to Synik vs Synapse.
    From there, think about all those pockets and what you'd put in them... that should lead to if a Synik or Synapse is even right for you and if so, what size. You may find that a Synapse 25 with a cache or laptop sleeve is a sweet spot between the SN22 & 30 for instance.

    If you realize you want volume that's less divvied up, then it might be best to stop looking at the Synik/Synapse families and consider other bags.

    One other thing though, the Syniks share a lot of the volume expanding magic of the Synapse family in that when they're empty or underpacked, they seem fairly small but expand when full. When they're really full, they definitely get 'egg shaped' which may or may not matter to you. The Syniks are a bit more squared off and expand differently than the Synapses, but they're very similar.
    You can definitely underpack the bags to fit many personal item sizer limits - but you need to be disciplined about it with the bigger bags.

    Regardless of which way you go, keep sharing what you think - it's great to hear how everyone evaluates bags!
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      Good points. I am definitely going to do some dry run packing and think about it before I decide. Almost every TB bag I've ever purchased has been love at first sight and few that weren't just took some use to fall in love with. It's possible I'm judging this book by its tiny cover. Haha!

      The airlines cracking down on personal items is what caused me to originally size down my order. And that is still a concern. So I'll see if maybe the S22 can handle what I need it too.


        Size is relative. When you're super short like me the Synik 22 is perfect. Perfect fit; perfect size; and, since I managed to get one in black halcyon/NWS/blackout label, perfect color. It's my EDC when I spend a full day at the office because it holds my 14" laptop, lunchbox, Side Effect or Side Kick, and other random things. Or it can carry clothes, my Side Effect, and toiletries for a long weekend trip.