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What size Monolith for Booq Vyper M (PBG4 15" AL)?

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  • sunga
    Hi there.
    Thanks for your questions. The Size 4 Monolith is designed to snugly fit just the PowerBook, so it would be too small for your laptop with the Booq sleeve on it.

    The Size 1 Monolith is too small. Booq lists the exterior dimensions of the Vyper M as 14.75" x 10.75 "x 1.7". I don't think that would work.

    This leaves you with the Size 2 Monolith. But if the 14.75 dimension on the Vyper is correct, that won't work either. Besides, the Size 2 is huge. It takes up quite a bit of the space inside of Smart Alec. It seems like it would be quite a hassle to have to take the Booq Vyper out of a Monolith and then take the PowerBook out of the Vyper.

    I see two options if you want to get a Smart Alec.
    1. Just use the Booq sleeve and no Monolith.
    2. Get rid of the Booq and use the Size 4 Monolith.

    Don't hesitate with any further questions.

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  • What size Monolith for Booq Vyper M (PBG4 15" AL)?

    I keep my PB G4 15" AL permanently in a BooqBags <a href="http://www.booqbags.com/Detail.bok?no=96">Vyper M sleeve</a> -- even while it is being used. (The 'lid' stays on with velcro.) This kind of sleeve offers minimal bump or drop protection, but it does allow me to use a Mac laptop in a 'PC-centric' workplace, without drawing attention to it not being a PC.

    I want to purchase a Smart Alec, and I see that the use of a hardshell Monolith is a crucial component for laptop protection when using this backpack. My question is: What's the smallest size of Monolith that I can get away with?

    If I did <b>not</b> have the Booq Vyper M sleeve permanently on my PB G4 15", I'd use the recommended, Monolith Size 4:
    13.7 × 10.25 × 1.3 inches

    I've tried to accurately measure the Booq Vyper M sleeve while my PB G4 15" is in it, and compressed it measures:
    14.125 x 10.125 x 1.5 inches

    Is there enough 'give' in the padding for my PB G4 15" to fit in the Monolith Size 4, with its Booq Vyper M sleeve on?

    A Monolith Size 1, would give add another 1 1/2" of additional length, but it would not change the thickness:
    15.25 × 10.6 × 1.3 inches

    Finally a Monolith Size 3 would be big enough but there'd then be 3/4" inch of 'play' in thickness, and 1 1/4" of 'play' in width for the laptop while in its Booq Vyper M sleeve:
    14.125 × 11.6 × 2.3 inches
    And putting aside the above question of whether too much 'play' is dangerous, I'd also like to maximize the remaining room in the Smart Alex.

    Many thanks for any comments or suggestions.