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My bag sold out!

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    My bag sold out!

    I've been saving up for a Black/Steel/Solar Smart Alec (and an FJN) and went to order it today and discovered that it sold out since I last looked (just after Christmas) and won't be back until at least April!

    I wanted the solar lining for visibility, but I don't think I want it bad enough to wait three months. Neither my too-big-to-manage Super Ego or the backpack I borrowed from my Sweetie are cutting it. I'll probably break down tonight and order the Black/Black/Steel instead. No major deal, I just wanted to whine a bit amongst people who would understand.
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    Steel is great, all my bags but one have Steel lining.

    Steel is not dark and it is the most amazing color, it reflects the color of clothes worn, shines under the sun and looks rich under a dark sky.

    Don't forget to add some Pouches and Color Key Straps.

    Surprisingly, I am not in the market for a Smart Alex so I was unaware of the inside pictures depicting the Steel Dyneema lining and pockets.
    As you can see the Steel Dyneema color is not dark and you can retrieve things from it without trouble (I speak from experience as I have a few pieces in Steel Dyneema)

    I was also unaware that the Smart Alex was made in all Black Cordura and frankly I find it gorgeous. Great choice!

    I am saving up for a Synapse, matching FJN and Cafe Bag.

    Maybe, the better half can be persuaded that he needs a Black Smart Alec.
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      My sympathies, but I think you'll be happier with the black/black/steel now (bird in hand) than the other in April. And—just my taste, but—I think the black/black is more elegant than the black/another color.

      If you're seriously concerned about interior visibility, get some pouches and colored keystraps.


        Yes, the right colors are important (so I do empathize). But I agree with backpack--I love steel. I have the olive/cork/steel Imago and I think it's a great combination. The steel is light enough for the lining, although not as bright as wasabi or cayenne. I ordered an olive/cayenne Imago by mistake and found the expanse of cayenne to be a bit overwhelming, but the steel works (I think cayenne is a flatter color).
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          Thanks for all the support and especially for the reassurance about the Steel lining not being too dark. My order will be going in today!
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