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Synik 22l vs Synapse 25l

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    Synik 22l vs Synapse 25l

    I've been searching threads, forums on reddit, Google, asked Tom Bihn and I'm still torn. I just got a Techonaut 30.... cavernous... and think it is the bomb for certain travel situations! After seeing the quality I would like a backpack/ travel pack for when I'm going light, checking another bag, possible EDC ... Sometimes I carry a laptop, sometimes I don't. I do however always have a gallon jug water bottle I carry daily... and it would be nice to fit that in the pack (not for travel). Right now I'm using a flash 22 for EDC and it is ok... but not great...in fact kind of terrible. I would like to kind of not use that anymore but for day hiking. So...I love the handle and frame and possible laptop pouch on the Synik 22 but wondering if it may be too small. Thoughts? Thanks.

    Hey vermonter16 - would you say that the gallon jug water bottle is the biggest single thing you'd be carrying?

    Could you share those dimensions and maybe what else you'd want to carry besides the (sometimes) laptop (though size on that would be good to know too)? There's a max size of what laptop will fit the SN22 built-in sleeve... if you aren't using that feature (or the pass through) the S25 is less expensive than the SN22.
    The Synapse family and (mostly) the Synik family don't look huge when underpacked... they sort of compress in on themselves... so if you don't really need the extra features in the SN22, then the S25 may be just as useful for less money.

    Easier for folks to visualize/contemplate
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      Lol...stupid water jug. I'll have to check the dimensions. I also carry a flashlight, battery pack, Kindle, sometimes my Sony RX 10 camera, sometimes a rain jacket...if traveling I carry all the tech stuff...2 chargers, battery packs, headphones, one pair of clothes (in case), maybe one pair of my husband clothes, lol...but he can always carry his own...and generally a small medicine bag too. My husband always carries lighter because I do more of the carrying. I just don't want something that may be too large. I have an LG Gram 14 inch...I also have a 16 inch LG Gram but not sure I would carry that unless my 14" crapped out... Since I have the Techonaut when I really want to pack out I want something different but practical for EDC...because I literally want to live with my techonaut but it is way too large for EDC.


        One more thing....I'm concerned with the Synapse dimensions as being too large because they are larger than my teconaut....how can that be?


          Hah - the infamous water jug is: 6.3"W x 11.42"H - it is of course round. I've been thinking and thinking of what I carry and in my 22 Flash it is just a mess...hand sanitzer, kindle (already mentioned), sometimes snacks, a lightweight jacket (patagonia houdini)....


            I'm pretty sure that either way you'll have to carry that water jug in the main compartment, so it shouldn't be a factor. The Synik is going to be more comfortable with the frame, and will be easier to store a laptop without worrying about the lack of padding (or needing to add a cache). It simply is the better bag overall, but it depends on your priorities. Personally, I'd order one of each and plan to pay the $10 to return whichever one you don't like as much. Also, I think the Synapse will look/feel a fair bit bigger -- it's pretty much like the Synik 30 dimension-wise. So if you're tall, that favors the Synapse potentially (and if you're short, that might favor the Synik).

            Not to throw *too* much of a monkey wrench into things, but I have a Paramour and love it. It's 21 liters and a fair bit cheaper than either of your other options. Sort of depends on your organizational style, but you might consider that, too. Oh, and it won't fit a one-gallon in the 'water bottle' compartment, but with the Paramour you can get two smaller bottles to put in either side of the three-compartment lower area, which is really easy to access (I use the middle one usually, but for hiking I do the flanking approach).

            I guess my short answer is: I'd by default opt for the Synik, or consider the Paramour. If you carry a laptop even sometimes, IDK but I'd find the lack of padding to be frustrating. Both the Synik *and* the Paramour have a padded laptop area, but the Synapse doesn't.

            One more thing....I'm concerned with the Synapse dimensions as being too large because they are larger than my teconaut....how can that be?​
            I assume you mean the total of length/width/height rather than the volume (because the Techonaut is bigger volume-wise). That would make sense to me because the Techonaut is fairly rectangular, so it fills up most of its l/w/h while the curved Synapse/Synik bags total up differently.
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              I know, lol...I don't mind carrying the water jug in the main compartment, it is just something I use when at work. I wish I could find a picture of a side by side...I have found videos but I can't get a good feel since they don't put them side by side together. Not sure what I'll do right now...but I will let you know, lol. Any further input...I'll listen.


                If you search you will see that I recommend the S30 v the S25 every time. The Synik is the next generation of better in every way:
                1. Integrated laptop/tablet slot

                2. Luggage pass thru

                3. Internal frame included in price

                4. Clamshell zip that DOES NOT come open such that it is as secure as the 1/2 zip of an s25/s19 with the ability to go full open when packing for travel v edc.

                5. I would humbly submit that absent circumstances not explained (nor to they have to be) that I would be reluctant to let a particular 4l (9+lbs full btw) water bottle drive my train when I could presumably walk/skip/run 4x a day to refill a 1 liter one thereby opening a whole panoply of bags.


                  LOL, I would gladly carry it if I had to. It isn't my drive for the backpack because I honestly have one I already carry. I have a Techonaut 30 so the Synik 30 just seems like it would be too large and don't want something as large because if the Techo feels cavernous, I'm sure the Synik would be similar. I definitely want something smaller for everyday and lighter travel carry is the issue. In the end, I may order both and return one, but I'd just rather not.


                    Originally posted by vermonter16 View Post
                    I wish I could find a picture of a side by side...I have found videos but I can't get a good feel since they don't put them side by side together.
                    I don't have an Synapse 25 but I do have a Synik 30, which as I understand it frames up almost the same ..... So I took a few images, but the basic answer is: if you don't want something as large as the Techonaut, the Synapse 25 is probably too large, and I'd (still) suggest either the Paramour or the S22. You'll note that the overall dimensions *are* pretty similar, but the Synik bubbles up more like a turtle shell/conventional day pack. It also *collapses* more elegantly when less packed (second image below). IDK if my less-packed pictures convey this as well as they could, but you'll notice my Synik doesn't look mishappen when it's half-packed, but the Techonaut droops. Regardless,if you want something that looks/feels smaller, I doubt the S25 is what you want, though it will tolerate under-packing better.

                    (Maybe worth noting that the vibe of the bags is quite different -- there's a reason I have both. The Synik is great if you like various pockets you'll slowly learn to pack certain ways to taste for travel or EDC purposes. The Techonaut has supplemental pockets, but you're right: the main volume dominates. I love traveling with a Techonaut using packing cubes and the tie-down straps -- modular, easy to load and unload. But the Synik is more versatile for odds and ends.)

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                      Meanwhile, the Paramour (a 21-liter pack) looks and feels substantially smaller than the other two, and works great as an EDC IMO. It also has the best easy-access water storage of anything you might consider for a day pack from TB because of the stepped-down triple-pocket. You can put two 18-oz bottles in the back on either side, like I did on one side in the second image, or up to around a 32-ouncer in the center pocket. Can still always carry a larger water container in the main area to supplement that.

                      The Paramour is also something like 40% cheaper than a Synik, too, so if price is a factor, well, it's up to you, but may be worth a closer look! Or if you really want a Synapse or Synik, well, the Synik 22 is almost the same volume as the Paramour, so maybe this side-by-side will help make that choice.

                      P.S. I drink a lot of water, so not gonna judge your gallon. Will just say my largest is a half-gallon bottle I use on road trips, and I could fit two easily and three if I had to in the main compartment of the Paramour (I didn't photograph it, but did eyeball it just now!).
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                        Thanks for the pics and reference! My whole issue with the gallon jug is that I hate water, but I force myself to drink it . I want a pack I can use on lighter travel, but one to carry with me everyday so it doesn't just sit in the closet...that's why I talk about the jug


                          Right on. I feel more and more like the Synik 22 is what you want -- that built-in frame, laptop slot, and luggage pass-through (if you also fly a lot when traveling) the other poster mentioned are handy for travel, Paramour also has a laptop slot, but no frame or pass-through -- cheaper, but you get what you pay for! The 'leap' from Synapse 19 or Synik 22 to Synapse 25 is in some ways bigger than it sounds. The smaller S-bags just look *smaller* while the S25 and S30 look bigger. Check out the side-by-side via this post (left to right: Synapse 19, Synik 22, and Synapse 25)


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                            So I'm going for the Synik 22. After looking at the dimensions, photos, my techonaut, your pictures and thoughts that's what I'll be ordering. My husband wants one too....I initially wanted the marine xpac but he really likes that one and I don't want to get the same, so I'm going with Aubergine - of course I need to wait until they restock. But, when they do and I receive it, I will post back on here to let you know what I think. I appreciate all your thoughts and looked at all the different bags recommended so thank you.


                              Awesome! Glad I could help and definitely curious to see what you think when you get it! As another poster said above, the Synik is really a cut above with its various structural and organizational features. I love my Paramour, but it's hard to beat the Synik for comfort and storage versatility. Also, FWIW, I think the Aubergine is a great color (it's a very rich dark purple, and I like it in part b/c it pairs well with my greens/oranges, so I have ghost whales, etc.. in that color!).