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Calling All Field Journal Users

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    Calling All Field Journal Users

    Would love to read about your respective experiences with the new Field Journal. Thank you in advance.

    I've had mine for a few months now and I love it. Say, 4.75 stars out of 5. I live out of it and it's classy enough (in black/black at least) for office meetings but sturdy enough for the bus commute.

    I improved mine by changing out the Tom Bihn ruler for a metal one of the same size I already had and adding zipper pulls to all the zippers (to make it easier to use with gloves on).

    The only two other changes I would make would be adding a second O ring to the front pocket and making the back pocket more accessible. I have a Tom Bihn wallet and my keys in the front pocket and since they're on the same O ring, they get tangled together and I usually end up pulling both out when I want one. The difficulty with the back pocket is that you have to maneuver around the shoulder strap buckle to get things in and out.
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      Thank you for the terrific insights you shared. Users are the best when it comes to understanding these sorts of things. Enjoy.


        Wyldrose: I forgot to ask if you feel the rings are a bother when writing on either the right or left sides? Thank you.


          I only write on the right side and they don't bother me there. The right side only thing isn't specific to the FJN,that's just how I am with three-ring binders. Also, I'm right-handed, just in case that's helpful.
          Smart Alec, Cadet (11/i), Little Swift, Field Journal Notebook, Organizer Pouches, Organizer Wallet, Yarn Stuff Sacks, Key Straps, Snake Charmer, Zipper Pulls, Strapeez


            I just took my FJN on a four week trip to Europe. The major modification I made was to (temporarily?) take out the supplied ring binder and replace it with an A5 size notebook I already had. I just slid one side into the pocket on the FJN and left the other one 'hang'.
            There was room for a paperback along with the notebook.

            I'm hoping Tom will come out with an A5 size insert so I don't have to punch my own paper.

            BTW, the FJN fits nicely in an end pocket of the Aeronaut. It makes a great "reading station" on the plane.



              Bbcamp: Interesting mash-up.


                Oh c'mon ... there's more than two users out there. Please share. Thank you.


                  I've been using my FJN as a planner/notebook. When I don't want to carry a computer or iPad to take notes I use the FJN. Inspired by Moose's lovely pictures, I decided to get DayTimer's Serenity planner set--a two page format with calendar/actions on one side and a journal on the other. I used to use one of DayTimer's wire-bound planners, but shifted to using my iPhone and iPad with OmniFocus. But there are times I don't want to (or can't) use electronics and I had been using scraps of paper. The FJN seemed a great way to bring order to this chaos. So, I transcribe my key meetings in the calendar, use the actions for some to-dos (typically related to the meetings), and use the journal for notes. I bought an extra plastic leaf and use it to separate the DayTimer pages from blank paper (I bought the Crane's paper), which I use for additional notes, sketches, or writing something down that I want to give to someone (the perforated paper is a neat idea). My FJN is steel, which I find to be a very sharp looking, "professional" color.

                  Last week I was at a conference/expo and used the FJN. I had a couple of meetings/telecons and also had shifts of booth duty, all of which were entered in the calendar pages. I took notes on the Journal pages. I clipped in my small cork pouch to hold my business cards and my small steel dyneema pouch to hold people's business cards. In the pockets were an assortment of pens, the ruler, cell phone, and a flashlight. The back pocket held the conference/expo guide and map.

                  So, although designed for the field, it works well for me in the office, meetings, etc. And I really appreciated the splash-proof zippers, because the rain was non-stop last week in San Francisco during the conference.
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                    On that thread Moose is sharing the way she uses her FJN.


                      Wennefer: Excellent thorough summary. I'm leaning towards the black model but also like the conifer, and will adopt some of your ideas.

                      Backpack: Thank you for the Moose review, I had not seen it.

                      Much appreciated.


                        Good evening everyone,
                        Thank you for the kind comments regarding my FJN photos. I've had mine for a while now and use it every day. I've left it in the left handed configuration and while it is a bit larger it works for me.

                        I've got it divided into several different sections. These divisions would work better if I'd actually take the time to label them. It is holding up well to the every day abuse I put it through. No loose threads, seams and except for the cat hair (I own stock in a lint roller company) it looks good as new. The pen slots work well. The cat, who's photo you saw, has taken a shine to doing her best to retreive the pens from the slots too. Very entertaining to watch.

                        I do wish the "phone holder" section had some way to close it. Maybe a small-ish tab over with snap/clip. My phone has taken a short tumble or two out of the pocket when I didn't pay attention. Since then I only use that pocket for receipts and other misc. scraps of paper. The only other caution is related to the user only. It can get really heavy really fast if I don't pay attention to how much stuff I cram in it. It holds a LOT of stuff.

                        I've hooked a mini pouch, also in plum, inside. I keep some dollars, change, sticky notes, paper clips and other bits in it that would otherwise get loose. This works really well.

                        I recently ordered a Syanpse in ultraviolet dyneema. I hope my plum FJN color will look as good with it as it does with my plum Synapse and plum Side Effect.

                        Happy travels,
                        Last edited by Moose; 02-22-2011, 05:27 PM.
                        List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!


                          My conifer Field Journal is my DREAM COME TRUE, all-in-one, journal/calendar/art cart/carry-all that I've never been able to achieve before. In the past I've tried to customize my planners (I won't name names), but then been frustrated by their inability to hold much beyond the paper planner. So then I'd end up throwing eveything in a bag & then searching around endlessly when I needed something. This situation was greatly improved by the introduction of my olive/cork Imago and different pouches to identify specific items, but this was often more than I wanted to carry.

                          With the Field Journal I've got it all - space, portability & flexibility. There's enough room for my paper dayplanner, cell phone, drawing paper, lined paper, specialty pens/pencils, and a ruler (I appreciate the Tom Bihn ruler but it would work even better if it was stiffer). I use an additional Tom Bihn divider to separate the sections. Plus there is room to add my FOT pouch, as well as carry my wallet or other papers if I need to. I love the zippered pocket on the outside and would actually prefer a second one to the slip pocket on the back. I appreciate having the long shoulder strap option but I've had the #^&*%$ time trying to get it undone. I could also see how a larger version of the Field Journal could be handy. In the future, I will be customizing my Field Journal with some beaded embroidery and I'll post some photos once I do. I'd love to see the Field Journal in the new Ultraviolet Dyeema!


                            Love the energy, Sweetwert.


                              Originally posted by sweetwert View Post
                              I appreciate having the long shoulder strap option but I've had the #^&*%$ time trying to get it undone.
                              Once upon a time, I said the same thing when using the Gatekeeper clips but practice really does make perfect. I can put on and take off Waist Straps, Checkpoint Flyer Laptop Cases and Field Journal Shoulder straps with one try now , I think I must have found the "sweet spot" for operating the clips .
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