It used to be version 2 of the yarn guide inside the Yarn Stuff Sacks.

I would love to see an accessory made with the same materials but as is, not sewn to anything.

It would be nice if the grosgrain ribbon was 10' extended and there was more space when the snap is closed.

It would be great to keep scrarfs, summer and rain hats with chin straps, toys/binky/teethers on a string or a Small Yarn Stuff Sack or 2 for dog treats and dog baggies.

It would enable accessory fans, people who think that a trip to the mall or the park needs as much gear as a scientific expedition (don't look at me!) ,
fashionistas to clip that little accessory in the handle of their bags and thus add an anchor for necessities which must be right at hand.

A grosgrain in Ultraviolet, Plum, Conifer or other colors would be wonderful.

I found out how useful the grograin ribbon and snap closure is when I used braided fabric inserted in between the two ply of the ribbon to color code my Steel Yarn Stuff Sack.