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    I'm liking what I see so far, it will be easier after I navigate around for a few days.
    <del>Where is the blog? I cannot find it anymore </del> ntsh, I found it, but should I have to back out of the forums to do so? Or when things are all said and done will there be a tab to access the blog from the forums?
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    I really, really like TB Bags!


      I like the look of the new forum. Cleaner. Navigation seems easier at the outset. I look forward to exploring it some more.


        hi darcy!

        it's exciting to see the new forum software in action!

        could we add support for forum runner or another solution that facilitates viewing the forums on mobile devices?



          hi darcy and crew:

          undertaking to redo websites and forums is ALMOST as herculean a task as moving your factory!!! So I admire you guys for trying to do this. Having been part of several such processes, I know only too well! It is funny how much we think all this happens magically with a click...sigh!
          I am sure it is all going to look fantastic, and be excellent. A mobile app --especially to order and so on--or to upload pictures would be great.



            i welcome change and the new posts button is great.
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              Ooooh, shiny!
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                Will just take me a little while to get over the shock - but it looks great! I had a mini-mild panic when I had to log in again...what was that password? Always impressed how TB stays on tops of things, and looking forward to getting settled with the new look.
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                  Great changes. As I am contributing on the The Windows Club Forum, I wished to see the changes here too, and finally we have the forum updated to Version 4.0.2. Congratulations.


                    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Sorry that the upgrade caused some of you to be logged out -- I had the same problem. If anyone reading this had trouble recovering their password, please email me: [email protected]

                    I think a mobile version of the forums is a great idea, maverick and Shiva -- let's see what we can do about that.

                    dorayme: We're fine-tuning the new header over this next week, so you should see the blog link reappear soon.

                    Note that we are also working on the redesign of our entire website, so the header of the forums will change again once that's completed (later this year.)
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                      Really nice. Good job


                        Originally posted by Shiva View Post
                        undertaking to redo websites and forums is ALMOST as herculean a task as moving your factory!!! So I admire you guys for trying to do this. Having been part of several such processes, I know only too well! It is funny how much we think all this happens magically with a click...sigh!
                        Oh but Shiva you are so right. I've arm wrestled with setting up a forum on two occasions. Neither was a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. While it's easy when you know how, as Darcy mentions, the compatibility Gremlins can drive you to drink.

                        Didn't we have a New Post feature on the other forum? I thought we did, but now I don't remember. Anyway, it's an invaluable feature to help stay current, particularly if you're a part of a busy forum. Also, using subscriptions helps too.

                        Anyway, kudos all around... it's looking great thus far!


                          I'm just having to get used to how the forum looks when there is a new post to the threads. It still has that weird quirk where, for example, this thread. I clicked on this thread to see what the new post was. Now if I go back to the main set of forums, it will still say that there is an unread thread in Tom Bihn and Everything Else sub forum. But when I go in that sub forum, this will be marked as read, then when I go back, it will be marked as read on the main page as well. It could just simply have something to do with my browser not pulling a fresh page when I click on the link to go to the main page of the forums---who knows. However I will say that the forums seem nice, at least as of now.
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                            I really like the new look of the forums. Wish I was able to be there for the retail store being open yesterday.
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                              I like the new forums, too! One of the things I like is the ability to jump to the first unread post in a thread. Glad to hear that the blog link will be back.
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                                Thank you for adding the e-commerce web-site links on the tops of the forum pages.

                                Looking better.
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