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    And finally the photo! Strathfield-Gosford train, March 2012. I was so excited to see another TB bag in the wild!!

    Click image for larger version

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      Maybe that was jeffmac. ;-) Oops, nope, his is a Tristar.


        Originally posted by TavaPeak View Post
        Maybe that was jeffmac. ;-) Oops, nope, his is a Tristar.
        LOL! Glad you thought of me though Tavapeak!

        Also so glad to find out that I am not the only one madly rubber necking for a TB sighting. I have only had one so far.


          I had a great TB sighting upon arriving in DFW from Rio de Janeiro. The man in front of me on the escalator to immigration was carrying a Ristretto. I had my Tristar and Co-Pilot. We swapped TB accolades and did our best to convince each other that the other's bag would make an excellent addition to the TB stable. *At the top of the escalator, we each headed to our respective immigration line.*


            I STILL haven't seen one in the wild! :-(
            Current carry: Super Ego, various pouches, I/O (when shooting). Incorporating the FIELD JOURNAL!!!! Next up on wishlist: S25 and SE (June 2016)


              Originally posted by Jenne View Post
              I STILL haven't seen one in the wild! :-(
              Me either, Jenne. Apparently they don't flock to south Mississippi (except for mine). So sad . . .
              Cocoa/wasabi LCB, black/wasabi MCB & SCB, steel/solar Aeronaut, Absolute Shoulder Strap, 5 packing cubes, olive Clear Organizer Wallet, turquoise & wasabi large clear organizer pouches, plum & black pen/pencil organizer pouches, 5 Clear/Cordura Organizer Pouches (mini & small/assorted colors), azalea 3-D Clear Organizer Cube, lapis blue & iberian Ultrasuede Screen Cloths, solar Travel Tray, 5 key straps (assorted lengths/colors), red/blue Strapeez, red Guardian Dual Function Light


                I was in my local Home Depot yesterday picking up some Manly Tools when I saw a Little Gnome of a Man wearing a Cafe Bag while shopping in the same isle I was in?

                I did a Triple Take upon the sighting telling myself it was just not possible but alas it was true!
                Chocolate Brown screaming "Man Purse" loud and clear!

                "Not that there is anything wrong with that"

                Then I saw 'Them" again in the parking lot as I drove away as if to drive home that I was not seeing things?

                This makes it pretty certain there will be no Cafe Bag in my future.....Sorry but it is just the truth.



                  I've had another sighting. I'm in Baltimore for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. While checking out a beautiful spinning wheel there it was, a large Cafe Bag. Which came highly reccomended by the owner as being the best bag in the world. It was a sort of green color. I even took pictures, yes instead of stalking I asked permission this time. I'll try, once again, to upload them when I get time. I suspect, as usual, I'll have to call on Katy for assistance.
                  Take care,
                  List exceeds allowed characters. So I'll just say I'm plum and kiwi loving FOT!


                    Originally posted by Moose View Post
                    I'm in Baltimore for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.
                    swoon.... jealous......

                    (Haven't been in 19 years. Can only IMAGINE how big it is these days.)
                    WhiteStar in Colorado
                    LCB (Azalea/Sapphire, Turq/Wasabi), MCB (Plum/Cayenne), Swift (Cork), Co-Pilot (Iberian), Synapse (UV), Citizen Canine (Kiwi/UV), Shop Bag (UV), key straps and pouches galore!


                      Here it is .
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                        I was at a knitting store with some friends here in Toronto yesterday when these two ladies approached me, having sighted my Side Effect and my Smart Alec and said "you have a Tom Bihn bag!! where did you get them?" I said "from Tom Bihn!" and immediately pulled out my FOT They both had Swifts (one might have had a small swift) and Cafe bags. One of them was from out of town and proudly proclaimed she was traveling with an Aeronaut for 7 weeks and we exchanged our packing tips. I showed them the pictures on my blog and she exclaimed she had been to my blog! and asked me for my picture. She is supposed to send the pictures were took to me and when she does I'll post them here. It was surreal and my friends were puzzled by the whole thing. I felt like a celebrity!


                          Peregrina, please post a link to your blog so we can continue to make you feel famous!


                            She was referring to this post. Today I wrote another one about our upcoming trip (two more sleeps!)


                              I had a sighting in the wild a couple of weeks ago. I was getting some coffee at my company's coffee shop and this guy (a visitor) came up to me and said "You have a Tom Bihn bag! This is the first time I've seen someone else with one." I was wearing my conifer Small Cafe Bag and he had a black Smart Alec. We chatted about Tom Bihn bags for a bit and then went on our separate ways.
                              Owner of Burnt Orange/Steel Daylight Briefcase , Burnt Orange/Steel Aeronaut 45, Black Dyneema/Wasabi Pilot, Crimson/Steel Western Flyer, Forest/Steel Zephyr, Olive/Cayenne Ristretto for iPad, Olive/Cork/Steel and Cardinal/Hemp/Steel Imago, Plum/Wasabi Side Effect, Nordic/Ultraviolet, Linen/Steel and Conifer/Steel SCB, Steel Breve, Plum/Black Swift, Steel FJN, and various packing cubes, organizer pouches, caches, and other odds and ends.


                                Cafe bag sighting at a conference in Alaska. Looked like a medium size Cocoa/Wasabi combination (but wasn't close enough to check that interior color was Wasabi; know that Cocoa/Cayenne was also available -- just projecting my love for the Cocoa/Wasabi combination of my Imago!). No opportunity to exchange comments at the time, and I was carrying my Little Swift in Hemp.