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    Today was only the second time I've seen a Tom Bihn here in Australia (other than mine). It was a black Co-Pilot and I was excited to see it as I finally was able to get a sense of its size.

    There are now only two things now stopping me from getting one to replace my MCB: I don't have enough spare cash lying around and I'm worried I'll miss the ability to reach behind my back, unclip the buckle and reach in to take my wallet out without swing the bag around to my front. I'd love the extra organisation though.

    Might be time to put my iPad Ristretto on eBay to partially fund a Co-Pilot.



      I'm not entirely sure if this counts as "in the wild". Last week on a visit to Philadelphia, I met up with an old friend I'd never seen before (we've known each other for about 15 years online). When we met at a cafe on 11th and Locust, I was carrying a navy/cayenne MCB and she had a turquoise LCB.

      However, I have to confess that we'd previously discussed ownership of TB bags on the Ravelry forum, so it wasn't quite the surprise it might have been!


        I think it still counts!
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          Today I saw a guy on the bus who was carrying an Empire Builder. My Smart Alec was not displayed prominently; had it been, I am sure we would have exchanged the Tom Bihn Head Nod.* It was even cooler because he was wearing barefoot shoes.

          *you know, the head nod you do with other people who are totally in the know.


            This isn't a bag sighting, but the UPS delivery person had a Tom Bihn box for the next delivery stop today. I was excited even though I didn't know who the recipient is!


              And another Tom Bihn sighting! This time at the AirSpace lounge at BWI. I sat down and the woman next to me said "Tom Bihn" and showed me her Ego. When looking at my bags, she told her friend "Wow, a real fan--three bags [SCB, Zephyr, and Western Flyer]".
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                My first sighting!

                Got on the bus yesterday morning behind a guy carrying a SuperEgo (black/steel/reflective). He had that sucker absolutely bulging!

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                  I love this thread!

                  SF is such a "bag culture" I saw tons of cool ones while here.

                  While at Macworld I spotted a Green Synapse and a Ristretto.


                    While on a trip to the Quebec City Winter Festival a couple of years ago, I discovered a member of our group was carrying Bihn. I pointed out my Aeronaut, and we naturally became pals.