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Going marsupial! TB Bags that fit inside other TB bags.

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    Originally posted by dorayme View Post
    @moriond, thank you for posting this. I had not seen this thread, and it may come in handy if I travel with my Synapse out in public more
    @dorayme I use purple carabiners on my Indigo Synapse. I got split rings in both purple and deep blue, but the black (anodized aluminum rather than colored black) split rings look best with these bags. The purple also looks great with plum. ;-)


      I will definitely have to look for caribeners for my Synapse.
      I really, really like TB Bags!


        Originally posted by moriond View Post
        @dorayme I use purple carabiners on my Indigo Synapse. I got split rings in both purple and deep blue, but the black (anodized aluminum rather than colored black) split rings look best with these bags. The purple also looks great with plum. ;-)
        Where do you find aluminum, purple and deep blue split rings?


          Not strictly a bag within a bag but I recently flew a one-night trip and used my TriStar's medium Packing Cube in the Small Shop Bag instead of a suitcase. PJ's and one outfit fit perfectly in the cube, added a shawl to use on the flight, the Small Stuff Bag for snacks and my 3D Clear Organizer Cube. Used key straps to keep the top secure. Didn't want to lug the TriStar for just one night's stay and this worked perfectly. Kept my wallet and ipad, phone, etc. in my Large Cafe Bag. I was definitely travelling light and was happy to find another use for the Shop Bag.

          Click image for larger version

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            nice mix 'n matching Kinsale! I love the combination of colours in your bag :-)
            My little set of TB stuff:
            Western Flyer (steel/ultraviolet)
            Small Pouch (cork)
            Large Shop Bag (solar)
            packing cubes


              The key strap idea was brilliant!
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                Kinsale: this was great....I have been so hesitant to use the shop bag cos I have not known how to secure the top. this is a great idea since I too tend to use pouches and such---and there is nothing loose rattling around in a bag.....thank you for this idea. I think it should go up on the Blog---!!!


                  I've had good luck getting my large cafe bag into one compartment of my brain bag.


                    I am flying in the morning and then driving around for the week and then driving home.
                    I am leaving a lot of stuff where I am now which is not at home.

                    So I have to decide what I will need for the week and 2 day trip home and what I will need till I return to where my other stuff is!

                    I have 7 days worth of clothes in the Tri-Star and also a slew of other stuff.
                    I have a Road Atlas and notebook in the strap compartment and Size 13 Shoes in the shoe spot!
                    Not a lot of room left in the front pockets but there is a lot in the bag for sure.

                    So the question was what would my second bag be?
                    SE or EB?

                    This bag will carry the computers and tech stuff mostly.
                    Once I loaded my 13" Macbook Pro inside in its Mac Truck Hard Case I realized I had room next to it so in went the Synapse with: 11" Air.Ipad in Otterbox Defender,Magazines and other assorted junk.
                    I figured the Synapse would have to stay behind waiting for my return but alas it went right in the SE with the MacTruck?
                    So of course I tried the same thing in the EB and of course it all fit there too!

                    I think I will go with the SE as there is more empty space above Truck and Synapse and then there are the water bottle pockets which always come in handy.

                    Flexibility and Surprise,now trying to picture the TSA with all of this!



                      I have packed the Small Cafe bag and it fits really well into one of the front pockets of the Western Flyer.
                      It is good to know that the Aeronaut end cube fits in the Synapse. I have used the packing cube/shoulder bag in the Synapse and it is a great fit with plenty of space left over for other things. The WF small cube of course fits in Synapse without a problem.


                        I also tried this out --and love it! For the next few weeks, I have to carry quite a bit of stuff back and forth to university-start and this is great. I also passed the keystrap through the top loop of the packing cube to make it extra secure and tighter!


                          I have to share this on because it suprised me. I was able to fit a brain cell and a fully loaded buzz into just one compartment of my brain bag. I also stacked three aeronaut end packing cubes in the other compartment.


                            The Small Cafe Bag is pretty much the best joey* out there!

                            For people who prefer landscape style bags, it seems that the Side Effect is akin to opposums the species is widespread around the world and they have a lot of babies in each litter, kind of like the Side Effect popularity and its tendency to multiply in many TB customers' homes.

                            Joeys are baby kangaroos, there are no more than two in a doe's pouch. Like one business/neutral and one fun SCB or one SBC for fall and winter and one for spring and summer.

                            Other marsupials TB bags contenders include: the 3D Cube, the CQPC and the PCSB.


                              Originally posted by backpack View Post
                              This thread was inpired by tCook post on 06-22-2011 at 08:42 PM

                              "I totally went marsupial with my Brain Bag and Synapse last weekend. I much prefer the Synapse for my everyday backpack, so I packed it in the front half of the Brain Bag to get through security and whatnot. At the gate just before boarding, I removed the Synapse (and rearranged just a few things) and cinched up the side straps on the Brain Bag. Brain Bag went in the overhead bin, Synapse at my feet. Worked like a charm!"

                              Link to thread below:

                              Please share your own experiments of Tom Bihn Bags within Tom Bihn Bags.
                              "The Marsupials"

                              Hey that could be another nickname for the Top Stiches!
                              I used to call this "Matryoshka" (Russian nested dolls)

                              Click image for larger version

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                              But Marsupial is much easier to say!! LOL!!

                              And thanks for sharing the link to "Bags mate" that is exactly what I wish for an EDC bag!! To be able to nest it on my larger carry-on!!
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                              So much to catch up!


                                So is this like bag inception?
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